Intricate Quilled Paper Illustrations from Yulia Brodskaya

Talented Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya continues to experiment with her illustrative quilling style. Since we covered her work previously, she has continued to explore portraits of the aged, using her curled paper to portray the deeply creased faces of the older generations (it’s a surprisingly good fit). Her latest work doesn’t stick to the page either – many elements climb out of the scene in sculptural 3D.

Paper Graphics: Illustrations and Typography

Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya has been influencing the world of design with her unique art… and it’s created using just thin strips of paper. Using a technique called quilling, she folds and curls her colorful medium into intricate illustrations, scroll work and typography. Nothing seems beyond her abilities: detailed portraits of wrinkled elders, pop-art like beach scenes, and precise letters packed with swirls of color.

Anatomical Quilling: Paper Cross Sections of the Body

Artistic renderings of the internal body, from anatomy books to fine art, are often poorly communicated versions of real-life. These paper creations by Lisa Nilsson, however, create the perfect balance of aesthetically pleasing detail and scientific accuracy… even though they’re completely made with strips of paper. Created using the paper-crafting technique of quilling, originally used by Renaissance monks and nuns to make artistic use of the worn out gilded edges of Bibles, Nilsson has curled and twirled some remarkably detailed and tiny pieces.

An Alphabet of Ornate Quilled Typography

Just take a look at these beautifully ornate quilled letters. Quilling, the art of creating images with artfully rolled and curled strips of paper is used here by paper artist Sabeena Karnik to create the alphabet from A to S. Hailing from Mumbai India, she is a calligrapher, fine artist and illustrator/typographer specializing in paper sculpturing and acrylic murals. Be sure to swing by her Behance page or follow her on Twitter.