Dance-o-Mat: A Coin Operated, Instant Dance Party

After Christchurch, New Zealand was hit with last years massive earthquake, many of the local dance studios and performance places shut down. The people over at Gap Filler wanted to help the situation and add a bit of happiness back to the stricken city, so they did the obvious thing… and installed a coin operated dance floor for impromptu booty shaking.

Inspiring Post-It Notes Left in Public

Sometimes we just need a helpful reminder of how good life actually is… or if it’s not right now, maybe a little motivational note to remind us how to get through the day. Many times the smallest statements — the littlest kernels of truth — are the best way to snap us back into seeing the world in all its beauty and make us forget the momentary trouble that had been consuming us. That’s just what these inspirational Post-It Notes are sure to do.

The Beautifully Moving Tropism Well

This truly engaging fountain uses a visual display of the laws of physics, along with modern technology to provide water to passerby. Dubbed ‘The Tropism Well‘ by it’s creators Poietic Studio, the conceptual piece uses a sensor to ‘see’ when users are standing in front, then as water flows up it’s long neck the weight slowly draws the transparent pitcher down.

Poietic Studio hopes to use multiple fountains at future events and festivals. They would both entertain and create dialogue about how we get water in public space while entertaining the possibility of Tropism Well’s replacing aging drinking fountains.