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Self-Portraits Show Artist’s Descent Into Alzheimer’s

Saturday 10.20.2012 , Posted by

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1995, artist William Mutermohlen set out to document himself slipping away through a series of self-portraits. The project spanned 8 years and shows the decline of his motor and perceptual skills as well as the emotional aspects associated with losing his reality. Mutermohlen’s project has helped psychologists to better understand this disease that affects over 1 in 8 elderly Americans and all of those who knew and loved them. [Read more…]


Emotionally Vague: A Graphical Survey of Feelings

Saturday 11.05.2011 , Posted by

Just what do our emotions look like? It’s a simple question with extremely complex answers. Emotionally Vague, an interesting and extensive project to graphically display how our emotions look and feel in our body, surveyed 35 different countries to get to the bottom of the question [Read more…]