Painting With Lights: Ephemeral Street Art Created with a Digital Projector

Back in 2012, we covered an artist who projected images of Buddhist deities onto trees in Cambodia. This French photographer is utilizing a similar method to project images on the urban environment around him, and seriously spicing it up. Phillip Echaroux desired to give something back to his hometown of Marseille, and while he works with celebrities professionally, he found that the projector could provide a way for him to gift back his talent.

Cambodian Trees Become Deities and Spirits

Clement Briend is a photographer living and working in Paris, France. He is also a professor of photography at the University of Valenciennes. Briend studied at the Ecole Louis Lumiere and specializes in projecting images onto various surfaces and then taking photographs of the hybrid imagery.

Neon Projector Graffiti

Graffiti is sure eye-catching, but not always in a good way, especially because to many people it connotes vandalism. Instead of giving up on the idea of using public wall space for promotion, creative agency Dentsu came up with a clean spin to promote GreenTomatoCars: use neon laser beams to project graffiti. The hydrid taxi company has these ads displayed in highly trafficked areas of London.