Book Art Meets Rock & Roll With These Awesome Prints

Full time parents and part-time artists, Dustin & Stephanie combine their passion for music and art with this unique series of prints. The duo lives just outside of Nashville with their 6 children. Using pages from an 1855 edition of “Plutarch’s Lives” (Parallel Lives), they print famous images of famous musicians and bands. The pages will vary, but each print is 5.5″ x 9″ and comes inside a clear plastic sleeve until you’ve found the perfect frame to put it on display.

Print Black & White Photos at Home with a Smartphone Based Enlarger


As you shoot photos with your snazzy new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5, do you secretly long for the days of darkroom printing? Do you almost exclusively use the Inkwell filter when posting on Instagram? Are you a Lomography collector? If you even remotely wanted to answer “yes” to one of those questions, than this potential new gadget could be your dream come true. Called the Enfojer, it’s an old/new school photographic enlarger that creates real-life black and white prints using only your smart phone as the light source. Simple. Brilliant. I want one.

Gjoen Contemplates Beauty, Fragility and Strength

Magnus Gjeon Art header

What makes an object beautiful? Is it simply a case of the form, its hues and the patterns involved; or is there something deeper? Magnus Gjoen helps us reassess our preconceived ideas about this concept by combining what most would see as highly dissimilar objects. Many of his digital works combine classic paintings or prints with unfriendly forms – like insects and guns for example. In doing so, we are forced to contemplate these forms and images anew.

Fanciful Animal Watercolors with Landscapes Inside

animal paintings watercolors Daniel Mackie 3

When we were children the world held an amazing amount of magic for us in each day. With open eyes we observed things we couldn’t yet comprehend, and perhaps because of that, we could appreciate it even more. Watercolor artist and illustrator Daniel Mackie’s fanciful animal illustrations remind me of those times of wonder, filling his unique creatures with the wild, colorful habitats they would occupy in an imaginative and wondering mind.

A Remixed Taxonomy of the Animal World

Penelope Kenny Collage 2

If combined groups of birds, mammals, insects and fish managed to converge on one point at high speed, the resulting collision might create something like the work of Penelope Kenny. After the fur, scales and feathers had settled, you’d be looking at perfectly formed remixes of the animal world: cockatoos with rabbit heads, hummingbirds with grasshopper bodies and one deer with a bouncy kangaroo torso. Perhaps the strangest part of all this: the animals would look surprisingly beautiful.

Dreamy Illustrations from Huebucket

Huebucket Illustrations 10

The wildly flourishing designs of Bangkok based illustrator Chalermphol H. are a lot like that moment you wake up from a dream, unsure of whether you’re really back in reality. Each example from this talented artist seems to feature one form of reality merging into another; readers fall asleep in their books; a ribcage transforms into a verdant and growing floral display; and wave like sheets wash over two sleeping lovers. It’s a serene reality which begs to be explored in its smallest details.

Small Snippets of Wisdom From Literary Greats

Sometimes the very biggest nuggets of wisdom are contained in the very smallest amount of words. Great authors have known that and so does Evan Robertson. His new posters might be the best thing since that last novel you couldn’t put down: short quotes from literary greats like Edgar Allan Poe and Hunter S. Thompson; all printed beside Robertson’s brilliantly clean illustrative work. What draws him to these small snippets of text?

The Dude Vs Tarantino

When he’s not bowling, driving around, or having the occasional acid flashback, The Dude can be found hanging out in scenes from Quentin Tarantino films. This mash-up was created by LA-based graphic designer and illustrator EvANIMAL.

Chinese Photographs Look Like Traditional Paintings

These images may appear to be traditional Chinese prints, including the beautiful calligraphy and stamp work that decorates such classic works… but in fact, they are all photographs. The serenely peaceful craft of Don Hong-Oai, a Chinese born artist who immigrated twice and never left behind the stunning aesthetic of his homeland.

The Propaganda Posters of the 1%

These bold red posters aren’t just propaganda, but also a warning of how the top 1% of the wealthy may be looking down upon the rest of us: the so called 99%. The poster above is especially ominous; will we as a global community be able to stay steadfast and sway the giant that controls the majority of our world resources and wealth? Find out more about Fro, the Los Angeles based designer behind these posters or order prints at