Glamourous Cadillac Ads from the Height of The Great Depression

Things couldn’t get much more dismal for auto makers than the year 1931. Unemployment was nearing its all time high during The Great Depression leaving car buyers with empty pockets and manufacturers struggling to make ends meet. Most companies played it safe on expenditures, but Cadillac doubled down with a multitude of sleek models and better advertising than ever. They went to Europe and hired French illustrator Léon Bénigni to create a large collection of ads that were positively dripping with glamour.

Beautiful Animal Kingdom Series Pairs Unlikely Animals in Symbiotic Illustrations

If there’s one word to gauge a good natured working relationship, it’s symbiosis. From understanding the needs of both parties and acting when we observe them, to giving back in unexpected and surprising ways, it’s all a beautiful dance we must follow each day. In that spirit, visual agency Column Five gives a gift to their partners and publishers every holiday season. This year they’ve created a stunning series of fine art limited-edition letterpress prints and a gift set inspired by one of the Five Columns of their mission statement: “Be Good to Each Other.” The result is 3 nature inspired images to ponder and enlighten.

Philosophy Posters: Beautiful and Inspiring Words

Sometimes all it takes for us to have that ‘aha’ moment, that revelatory kernel of truth that wakes us up and sends us in the right direction, is one sentence spoken clearly and concisely. These posters do just that, capturing some of the wisdom written by the great philosophers that have gone before us, those who explored the far boundaries of human understanding and wisdom. The bold, black and white typography against a newsprint like halftone, is just the right look for such truthful statements strongly said.

Classic Moments from Seinfeld Poster

Seinfeld fans of the world rejoice! As a tribute to the long running show, designer Nathan Manire has created a slick poster featuring the many props that made the show the hit that it was. Titled “These Pixels are Making Me Thirsty” (clever) the print features a border made of muffin tops, tasty but salty pretzels, and is filled with wonderfully illustrated icons inspired by the show. I love that the poster itself has no title… it’s like a litmus test for a true fan!

A Home Made US Map Wins National Best in Show

It’s not often that a simple paper US wall map gets national attention. The omnipresent designs, with their colored state borders, cities and highways have been pinned or rolled on elementary school walls for the entire lives of those who inhabit the States today. Yet the map we bring you today has been garnering much praise for its well thought out design choices, winning the coveted “Best in Show” from the Cartography and Geographic Information Society and thus dethroning giant institutions like National Geographic, Central Intelligence Agency Cartography Center, and the U.S. Census Bureau who have won the award consistently in the past.

In Caffeine We Trust: A Print to Track Your Consumption

What better companion in the cold winter months than a nice warm cup-a-joe? That black liquid warms us up, energizes and seems to even sweep the clouds away. For those of us who make it a daily ritual this new poster will be quite a tasty treat: created by Column Five, the print features three of the main staples that keep the company ticking: data, design and caffeine. The attractive black and white print is ‘interactive’, allowing you to track your coffee consumption and preferences over a month… coloring in the coffee themed data with some good old dark roast.

Bodoni Girl: A Golden Tribute to the Typeface

In 1798 Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) created his now legendary Bodoni typeface, known for its slightly condensed upper case and extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes. Now, over 210 years later, a seductively flowing poster has been created using just the forms of his typeface, celebrating not only the original creator of the design, but also the charming flow of the female form. The print shows a beautiful woman with flowing locks of curled hair and a lightly bemused, downward gaze.

The Insanely Great History of Apple

Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, it’s hard to deny the massive amount of technological hits the company has been able to create in the last 30 years. From the Lisa and the original Macintosh to the iPad and Macbook Air of today, the company has never been matched in its marketing or ability to create industry changing products. This colorful new poster by the great folks at Pop Chart Lab, looks at this history, tracking every product created by the company and charting the connections, both in type and legacy, between the varied products… as Pop Chart Labs puts it, it’s an Insanely Great History.

A Glowing Surprise: Day and Night Poster

The freaks come out at night in this poster! Jason Dean of The Best Part has created one glowing example of a design: Day and Night is a print with an innocent side when the lights are on and a darker one when the lights go out. The hidden glow-in-the-dark ink changes the tame cityscape into a world of crime, sex and zombies with the flick of your light switch. While the current printing is sold out, Dean promises new versions in the near future, so keep checking over at The Best Part to see what’s up

An Eclectic Alphabet of Ornate Hand Made Letters

Graphic designer John Kane Smith recently put out a stellar poster we’re very enamored with. Each hand designed glyph is uniquely styled and printed in a fashionable black and red. Smith offers the 19 x 25 inch print on high quality 140lb paper at his website: