The 20 Best Volkswagen Ads from Their 1960s Campaign

VW ads 1

When Mad Men’s Donald Draper chats about the 1960 Volkswagen ad with his team, he’s rightfully awed. This introduction of the bizarrely shaped auto to the American market was far from the norm. In those days, most car ads looked something like this or this, and while other companies were producing their largest cars ever – advertising “wide-track” steering and selling it with models sporting tuxedos and cocktail dresses – Volkswagen said we should “think small” and that their car was a “lemon.”

A London Underground “Tube” Map From Kyle Bean

Now this is taking the idea of London’s famous ‘Tube‘ quite literally: Kyle Bean, designer, model maker and all around advertising re-thinker has created the London metro map using colored drinking straws. His map uses the colorful tubes in a playful, elementary school craft-time like fashion, which when finished appears completely to scale and quite grown up… that’s because he’s built the design over a large poster of the actual map. His final design, lacking the station labels needed to navigate the system, is still highly recognizable for what it is, a truly iconic design tribute.