WWII Posters Declared War on STDs

Gigantic letters falling from the sky or giant dinosaurs stomping through the jungle might not be the first imagery that comes to mind when thinking of sexually transmitted diseases, but in World War II these posters were the military’s first line of defense against a venereal disease (VD) epidemic. Learning from the lessons of World War I, where many soldiers contracted and died from STDs, the US government started a graphic design war that saw military barracks plastered with posters warning of the dangers of unsafe promiscuity with “loose women.”


The Animals Made Famous By Rock ‘N Roll: An Illustrated Guide

We have illustrated animal books to help children learn the alphabet, why not teach people about Rock & Roll the same way? These adorable illustrations by Tracy Worrall were commissioned by Dorothy, a UK design firm based in Manchester as a Rock ‘N Roll Zoo. Featuring 77 animals who have been made famous through Rock ‘N Roll Lyrics, the adorable collection can be purchased as one big print, individually, or in themed sets of 4. If you’re a Beatles fan, maybe you’d prefer the 3 piece set which features Rocky Raccoon, the Walrus (I am the Walrus), and Blackbird all in a 12″ record sleeve.


32 Posters: The Teams at This Year’s World Cup

Beginning June 12, the world’s eyes will turn to Brazil for the start of the 20th FIFA World Cup. In celebration of the event, ESPN commissioned Brazilian artist and graphic designer Cristiano Siqueira to make a series of images featuring each team… and they capture the passion of the game perfectly.


Anti-Mario Propaganda Posters Inspired by WWII

11 - Mario Power Up

Just when you thought your mission to save the princess was in the bag, along come’s anti-Mario propaganda from the mushroom kingdom: “The Koopas are Fighting, Why Aren’t You?” Each of these 17 posters, including the new 7 just released, pay homage to the iconic propaganda posters of WW2. Planting a Victory Garden? In this case, the plants fight back!


Jazzy Abstract Maps of Famous World Cities


Some cities make you want to take out your favorite jazz records, sip on some wine and completely bliss out as you look down on the lights below. These posters from Toronto-based, self-taught artist Jazzberry Blue are just the right accompaniment for those moments – outlining the streets of famous world cities with a mid-century abstract flair. We wouldn’t want to navigate streets by these maps, but we sure would navigate life influenced by their spirit!


One Love: Winners of the 2013 Reggae Poster Contest

1-Marley_Balazs Pakozdi

Preaching compassion and social awareness, Reggae music has inspired many people to open their minds and hearts, and for some it has even influenced their creative expression. Graphic Designer Michael Thompson also known by his Flickr name, FREESTYLEE: Artist Without Borders, has been greatly impacted by the music and it is evident in the posters he designs. Thompson teamed up with his curator and representative, Maria Papaefstathiou, to inspire others to use the voice of Reggae to manifest art.


99 Problems, But These Posters Ain’t One

99 probs 2

So Jay-Z has 99 problems? We’ve been hearing about ‘em for years, but we’ve never been exactly sure what they were. Thanks to Ali Graham, we’re now getting a look inside the life of Shawn Carter, and the scoop on his plethora of problems. This growing Tumblr sensation 99 Problems, has been featuring illustrations of the world-famous rapper and his many grievances, from his issues with popsicles and US presidents, to tailoring and hair. It’s a hard-knock life, but somebody’s got to live it!


The Beauty’s in the Details: Gig Posters by James Eads

James R Eads Illustration 12

It’s hard to deny the appeal of James R Eads stunning digital paintings. With each closer examination we discover new details hidden in his swirls of vibrant color and flourishes of foliage. His works bend reality, turning our real-world into one that is fantastic and lively… a lyrical quality which has garnered him many commissions from bands for both their gig posters and album covers. Eads’ style lends itself well to that introspective space you can find yourself navigating while listening to that favorite album late at night.


Bicycles: You Are What You Ride

You are what you ride 1

Have you ever considered what your favorite bicycle says about you? It could be far more than you imagined, expressing anything from that hidden “Gangsta” attitude you have inside, to the fact that you are a complete weirdo. Like it or not, a bicycle is a serious fashion statement… especially in this time of extreme 2-wheeled popularity. Luckily for us, French designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle are here to help us find out just what our bicycle style is saying… and sharing with the street around us.


A Beard Man is a Real Man- Hilarious Quote Posters


While some men are rocking full beards, others are dreaming that they could. Whether its genetics, a girlfriend, society, or a corporate job preventing you from getting back to your caveman roots, a beard is not always possible for everyone. But from my personal experience, rocking a full beard can be one of the most incredible feelings. I had mine from last fall through last Spring and found it to be one of the most liberating feelings. I was met with a lot of beard envy as my overt manliness poured out everywhere I went. BeardedGospelMen.net have created this series of quote posters for all who know and appreciate serious facial hair.