Man As Industrial Palace: Classic Poster Animated

In 1926 German physician, artist and writer Fritz Kahn created this fascinating chromolithograph of the human body and it’s imaginary inner workings. Conceived at a time when Germany was a world leader in the chemicals industry, Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace) compartmentalized the body, creating rooms where workers diligently carried out the circulatory, digestive, metabolic and respiratory work of the body. In this modernist view of anatomy each input, be it air or food, was broken down into it’s individual elements.

After being forgotten for many years, Henning Lenderer, a German visual communication and animation student, has recently breathed new life into the classic poster. Illustrating 6 different cycles within the “human factory,” he created a captivating and highly detailed animation of the poster as it has never been seen before. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post and his full presentation of the project at

Visual Bits #36 > Black & White & Color

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Notable Hairstyles of the Musical Stars

From the pompadour of Elvis to the spiked cut of Sid Vicious, this poster covers the many hairstyles of music stars from 1954 to the present. Titled “A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music,” the poster is available in a limited edition series of 500 from Pop Chart Lab. How many stars can you identify without reading the name?

Visual Bits #23 > Radio. Head.

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A Typographical Map of the World

Shaping a squeaky clean map of the world using just place names to define boundaries, Chartis Graphein’s poster over at Design Ahoy is really well done. The letterpress print has embossed longitude and latitude lines, adding to the many subtle details of the surprisingly information rich map. It’s the perfect way to memorize all those places you’ve been dying to visit. Find the 20 by 29 inch print available through Design Ahoy’s Etsy store.

Changing the World, One Poster at a Time

Elusive and semi-anonymous French artist JR claims he has the largest art gallery in the world… that’s because he’s plastering the whole planet with his inspiring wheat-pasted portraits. On display for anyone to experience, whether museum goer or not, his subversive larger than life images have recently captured the eye of TED Talks staff as well: they have honored him with the much coveted selection as an annual TED Prize winner.

Classy Beer Designs To Hang or Wear

If you like beer, these three designs by Pop Chart Lab will have your mouth watering. Celebrating this favorite sudsy beverage, the first design is an informative poster featuring the original 13 US states and the myriad breweries that dot their lands (included are major roads for quick brewery tour planning).

Visual Bits #6 > From Poland With Love

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How Engineers Make Drinks: Mixing Blueprint

How do engineers mix their drinks? Very precisely and using a blueprint, it seems. Our friends over at, dug up this vintage poster featuring over 30 classic drinks such as the Zombie, Gin Fizz & White Russian. According to the data on the poster itself, it seems to have been originally “issued for mass consumption” on May, 1, 1978. Ready to get mixing? A full sized pdf of the poster is available here.

The Many Faces of Woody Allen

Woody Allen has had a long and illustrious career filled with many roles and not so many pairs of eyeglasses. To pay tribute to this rather typecast actor/director, illustrator Brandon Schaefer created this poster documenting the ocular history of the star.