Inspiring Post-It Notes Left in Public

Sometimes we just need a helpful reminder of how good life actually is… or if it’s not right now, maybe a little motivational note to remind us how to get through the day. Many times the smallest statements — the littlest kernels of truth — are the best way to snap us back into seeing the world in all its beauty and make us forget the momentary trouble that had been consuming us. That’s just what these inspirational Post-It Notes are sure to do.

A Building Sized Animation Made With Post-Its

World famous purveyor of plastic footwear, Melissa has recently put on a good show outside the front of their ‘Galeria Melissa’ in São Paulo Brazil. Photographed step by step and performed by 25 animators in five months, the U-shaped foyer to the building was covered with about 350 thousand Post-It Notes and filmed in stop motion as part of a launch for their ‘Power of Love’ campaign. As an additional bonus, on-street observers shared more than 30,000 spontaneous messages of love on the notes.