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Comic Genius: Portraits of Funny People from Celebrity Photographer Matt Hoyle

Saturday 08.24.2013 , Posted by


Celebrity photographer Matt Hoyle’s new book Comic Genius: Portraits of Funny People reads like a veritable who’s-who of hilarious talent. He’s got 130 portraits ranging from classic icons like Steve Martin, Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett, to today’s breakout stars like Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman and Steve Carell. As you can see, Hoyle doesn’t stick to one type of comedy or comedian. There are stand up artists, viral video successes, late night TV hosts, and film stars… anyone who has devoted their life to being funny. [Read more...]


Yesteryear’s Celebs Carved into Recycled Cardboard

Thursday 08.08.2013 , Posted by

Giles Oldershaw cardboard portraits 2

Giles Oldershaw has been creating some seriously interesting portraiture, often ispired by the subjects themseves. In one case he used a old bag to re-create a model’s “craggy baggy face” and in another case used a baked potato! In the last year he’s really been pushing his creativity, this time using everyday cardboard to create impressive portraits of yesteryear’s celebs – from Marlon Brando to Marilyn Monroe. [Read more...]


Stardust Portrait Collages Using Hubble Images

Saturday 07.20.2013 , Posted by

1 Stardust Portraits by Sergio Albiac

In Cosmos, Carl Sagan said “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” Sergio Albiac’s generative portraits embody this idea by utilizing images from the Hubble Telescope to create galactic collages, creating human faces out of the stars. Albiac created a computer program that can transform any portrait into stardust. He invites people from all over the world to share a facial image with him to receive a generative portrait made of the cosmos. [Read more...]


Artist Creates Paintings Out of Dead Butterfly Wings

Friday 07.19.2013 , Posted by


Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, but with a lifespan ranging from a few days to a year (for migrating Monarch), but on average a few weeks, their beauty is ephemeral. Russian artist Vadim Zaritsky immortalizes the magnificence of butterflies by using their wings in his paintings. No butterflies are harmed in this process, for he only uses the wings of those that are already dead, which he gathers on the roads in his hometown of Lipetsk or gets from collectors (if the wings are imperfect). A former police officer, Zaritsky has created over 100 butterfly pieces in the last five years. Each work can take anywhere from a week to several months to complete. [Read more...]


Complete Strangers Pose Together for Portraits

Thursday 07.18.2013 , Posted by


In America, one of the early warnings children receive from their parents is the saying “don’t talk to strangers.” It is for good reason and serves to protect them from the potential child predator. Yet, somehow this propaganda which gets etched in these young minds can evolve to a mental state where fully grown adults are always hesitant to trust anyone they don’t personally know. The reality though, is that most people on this planet are in fact friendly and nice, and share similarities with everyone; similarities such as loving family, working for a better life and being loved. Photographer Richard Renaldi created a photographic project in 2007 called “Touching Strangers.” In this series, Renaldi sought to create unpredictable variables into traditional photography, and to create spontaneous relationships between complete strangers. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #460>Now You See Me:Portrait Photography

Wednesday 07.03.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more...]


Freckles: Benoit Paille Captures the Human Face

Wednesday 06.26.2013 , Posted by


Benoit Paille studied medical biology for three years before he found his calling in the fine arts. Based in Montreal, Paille taught himself the art of photography and found a particular passion for capturing the raw emotions of his subjects. Throughout his photographic journey he’s experimented with many variations of light and color, and the resulting images show his careful attention to these details. [Read more...]


Impeccable Celebrity Portraits Made from Scribbles

Wednesday 06.19.2013 , Posted by

Vince Low illustrations 5

If you pick up a pencil and scribble, scribble, scribble… you don’t always end up with the most amazing art on your desk. That’s not how it seems to work for Vince Low though. This Malaysian artist has created a series of celebrity portraits composed almost exclusively of swirling lines, with his careful overlapping of each creating the fine shading and linear elements to give us a highly accurate representation. [Read more...]


Playful Pencil Shaving Portraits

Tuesday 05.14.2013 , Posted by

1 Kyle Bean pencil shavings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! For this series, illustrator Kyle Bean sat down to create a portrait, but once he sharpened his pencil, he put it down, using only the shavings to create facial details. He arranged colored pencil shavings in a precise way to create depth and texture to re-create the faces of contributors to Wallpaper’s ‘Handmade issue’. The UK based designer is known to re-appropriate everyday materials for his art, having created a chicken out of eggshells which he titled What Came first?
[Read more...]


The Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Dancer Ingrid Endel

Thursday 05.09.2013 , Posted by


Creative people have an innate need for an outlet to express themselves; for Ingrid Endel that channel was found through dance. However after multiple knee injuries, her dance career was brought to a halt after training for twelve years. It is then that she turned to photography to express her emotions and has found a way to utilize her polished dance poses to create stunning, conceptual self-portraits. Though her injuries may prevent her from starring in Swan Lake, she has found a way, just as elegant, to showcase her grace, strength, emotion, and creativity through her pictures. Her struggles to find joy again after her dreams of dancing were shattered are expressed beautifully in this ethereal photo series, which takes place in nature. [Read more...]

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