How Creatives Work: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was an extremely complex figure, with a lot depth in his work and personality – despite his own assertion that all that he was, was on the surface. The creation of the persona and brand ‘Andy Warhol’ was probably his most successful work of art, at least commercially. It is hard to know how much of this was real and how much was constructed. What we can gather about Warhol was that he was an incredibly hard worker and was (at least during his first decade of production) redefining what was possible in a number of different artistic modes.

There’s Something Different about these French Fries

ben frost fries 1 IIHIH

Ben Frost is a highly talented Australian artist that is meshing a unique blend of iconography, art, politics and advertising into McDonald’s pop art. His paintings on McDonald’s fry packages are layered with images that are surprisingly refreshing, political and humorous. Frost uses his canvas to pop shots at western norms of consumption, pop culture and art.

Designer Drugs: As American As Apple Pie


“I can’t wait till I grow up, get married, have two kids, spend more money than I make, take xanax, and tell everyone how happy I am 😉 ” is the message that greets you as you enter Desire Obtain Cherish’s online art gallery and his works reveal a similar theme. The LA-based artist mocks middle class values in this collection of UV cast resin sculptures called designer drugs. In today’s society, we are taught that merchandise will fill every void, but the more we get, the more we want and to try to keep up is a surefire way to constantly be disappointed. That’s where pharmaceuticals come into play. If the things you’re buying aren’t making you happy, take this pill and keep buying more.

Artist Makes Portraits With Lipstick Kisses

Natalie Irish likes art so much, she just can’t help kissing it! Using just her lips as her brush and lipstick as paint, she’s been creating some bold portraits of famous icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix. Check out the video below to see her tender technique… and be sure to catch the end: her lipstick covered face is priceless!

Illustrations Mixed With Bold Vintage Patterns

Boldly mixing patterns from vintage tiles and textiles into his work, Lisboa, Portugal based illustrator Luís Alves creates beautiful art that draws you in with its detail. Diverse in his abilities, Alves uses both digital and marker based techniques to create his pieces. See more of his work at

Pop Culture Distortion: Paintings From Santi Miko

Looking like a mix between street art and the distorted work of Salvador Dali, graphic designer Santi Miko paints bold acrylic figures. Exploding out of his paintings are pop culture icons, classic and modern art references and plenty of fantastically flexible women. See more of this Yogyakarta, Indonesia based artists work on flickr.

Andy Awesome & His Museum of Awesome Art

Andy Awesome is one of those explosive new talents that with style and finesse have jumped into the spotlight… and look good doing it. Awesome got his start making t-shirts of his own design but after creating some acrylic on canvas paintings to promote his wearable creations, his art career took off by popular demand.

From Batman to Bob Ross the “happy tree’s” guy, Awesome takes iconic characters and distills their style down to its most minimal. He then places them in his trademark circular frame. Here we bring you paintings from his series’ Part 1 and Part 2.

One of Awesome’s latest projects is a very unique feature on his very entertaining website: an interactive 3D museum of his work. Cleverly called MoAA (Museum of Awesome Art), the virtual gallery has 5 explorable rooms filled with Awesome’s own work and some of his imaginative re-interpretations of contemporary artists. This museum is free every day and definitely worth a look!

Gig Posters: The Other Gods Of The Arena

The gig poster became the rock concert standard during the late-’60s psychedelic era. According to Stanley Mouse, co-creator of the Grateful Dead skull and roses logo, “There was no other advertising except the posters at the time, so maybe we’d do 1,000, maybe 3,000, in one run.” Then they’d hang around and wait to see if anyone showed up.

Cord Sculptures: Soft Pop Art

The sculptures of Brazilian artist Mozart Guerra are unlike any we’ve seen before. Over a base of Styrofoam Guerra uses lengths of brightly colored nylon cord to spirally wind the perfect heads of monkeys, geisha’s and wild animals. In uniquely mixing this modern medium with classic iconography he creates works that are both current and timeless.

Guerra gratuated from school as a architect, later putting his adept hands to work as a designer for theater, film and television in Brazil. Now enjoying his new calling, he has been living and sculpting in Paris since 1992.

The Bold and Bright Design of Anthony Burrill

Having been commissioned for commercial, social and cultural projects, Anthony Burrill’s work is both positive and persuasive. His art centers around simple yet bold printmaking, with popular limited-edition prints such as “Work hard and be nice to people,” that have swept the design world and become catchphrases for many. His collaboration with other artists on projects ranging from film to product design have galvanized his popularity and diversified his influence.