Not Your Average Pool Party: Ping Pong Ball Projecting

RedPaperHeart Pool Party 10

Water isn’t known for being the most “projection friendly” surface. I mean, you shine a light on it and the beam either goes right through, or refracts and distorts badly. So when art studio Red Paper Heart was challenged by UrbanDaddy to come up with a way to create a memorable interactive experience in water, their expertly produced projections were going to need a different surface. What did they do?

25 Most Fascinating Swimming Pools Around the World

Swimming is fun and relaxing, however when you add a super cool swimming pool to the equation, it’s bliss. In this list, we will share the 25 most fascinating swimming pools from around the world (some natural and some man-made). Whether you swim for exercise or leisure you are sure to enjoy these breath-taking views.

A Revolutionary New Pool for NYC?

The unique idea of 3 overheated New Yorkers, this concept for a new floating public pool in the waters around Manhattan could be a welcome relief from the sweltering city heat. Their project, the +Pool, is currently raising support through a Kickstarter campaign and matches the iconic ‘+’ shape of the cities intersections. What makes the design really different? In order to give swimmers a direct connection to the river, the pool will utilize a unique green tech filtration system within it’s walls to fill itself directly from the surrounding river… and because of it’s shape, it will be able to be sectioned off for multiple uses, from free swim to swim meets.