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Ferguson: The Numbers Behind The Decision Not to Indict

Wednesday 12.03.2014 , Posted by

After the controversial grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, the streets once again filled with outraged protesters – an action echoed across the nation from Oakland to New York. Sparked by the shooting in August, the issue of police brutality has been a hot topic, and the recent decision only underscores questions about racial inequality and a systemic bias.

Looking at the numbers behind who made this decision is eye opening [Read more…]


This Satirical Facebook Art Is Pure Genius

Monday 09.22.2014 , Posted by
Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 1

Facebook. It’s a name that has come to represent many different things, and Polish artist/cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski has hit on most of them in his satirical series featuring the site’s iconic lower-case “f”. Far from hopping on the usual “invasion of privacy” bandwagon, Pawel explores the positive sides of the social media site too – from how convenient it makes connecting with people, to its use as a tool for social justice. In each of his images the blue “f” is present, acting as an integral character in the story Pawel is telling. [Read more…]


Patagonia Wants You To “Vote The Environment”

Wednesday 09.10.2014 , Posted by

Is voting on your calendar? This October and November mark primary and mid-term elections seasons, and according to a recent poll by Harvard University, only 23% of young people “definitely plan” to vote. [Read more…]


The Softer Side of Infamous Leaders

Monday 04.28.2014 , Posted by
Chunlong Sun Infamous Leaders Plush Animals 1

There’s nothing more powerful than standing tall, reaching out your arms, and grabbing a teddy bear. I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere…

Beijing artist Chunlong Sun has taken the likenesses of 5 often-infamous world leaders and put stuffed animals in their world influencing hands. It’s an absolutely bizarre combo that strikes an unlikely balance between making each figure appear far more friendly and sinister at the very same time. What are these? Villains from a James Bond spoof? [Read more…]


Toronto’s Anti-Ford Posters Are Hilarious… But Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

Tuesday 04.01.2014 , Posted by
Anti Rob Ford Campain Posters 1

Toronto has some fascinating new mayoral candidates, and they’re promising to “just smoke pot as mayor, not crack” and never get caught urinating in public. “Wait,” you say, “aren’t those two things incumbent mayor Rob Ford has allegedly done while in office?” Yes, yes they are. These poster feature fake candidates with the tag line “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.” It’s a hilariously pitched ad campaign, featuring characters who look as questionable as their statements. But is it going to help the anti-Ford constituents? [Read more…]


War Drags You Out: World Leaders Get Transformed in to Drag Queens

Sunday 03.09.2014 , Posted by

George W has never looked more fab than in Saint Hoax’s history re-defining series War Drags You Out. The idea came to the artist after attending a drag show for the first time and deconstructing the components that went into a proper drag queen. [Read more…]


Drawing on World Issues: Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski Continue to Make Us Think

Friday 11.08.2013 , Posted by

Pawel Kuczynski satirical art 7

There are few things more appropriate for satirical critique that world politics and issues. Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski continues to enlighten us with his colored pencils, shedding light on the more confusing and contradictory elements of the world we inhabit. Often his work revolves around the issues of poverty, war, political honesty and wage disparity, each illustration giving us a chance to pause and ponder. [Read more…]


This Map of Internet Usage Shows Why China is a Sleeping Internet Giant

Monday 10.14.2013 , Posted by

internet-map header

The internet is a massive place, but not as massive as the world population. This map, created by Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata using data from The World Bank, puts some of the internets demographics in perspective while creating a rather stunning picture of just how big China ranks on internet traffic and how much room it still has to grow. [Read more…]


P.O.T.U.S.: Hilariously Creepy Wood Cut Portraits of All 43 US Presidents

Tuesday 10.08.2013 , Posted by

1 44 U.S. presidents wood burned portrait

Back in elementary school- right around the time I learned “The Fifty Nifty United States” song, which still to this day, helps me remember all 50 states in alphabetical order, we learned another less memorable song called “The Song of the Presidents.” I couldn’t help but hearing the chorus, “These are the men who have served us as president. Chief executives leading the way. We will salute them in presidential order- the presidents of the U-S-A!” play through my head when I came across these incredible woodcut caricatures of all 43 fellas! Created by Graphic Designer Rachel Ignotofsky, she declares that the portraits “straddle the line between grotesque and comical” and I’d have to agree. This collection was shown as an installation at Leedy-Voulkous Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri where she is based out of. Each presidential portrait ranged in size from 24 x 18in, 14 x 17in, and 9 x 12in. [Read more…]


Fields of Gold: Changes in the US Corn Industry [Infographic]

Tuesday 10.08.2013 , Posted by


Corn was once a straightforward crop, but the US industry has seen big changes in recent years. Ethanol and GMOs are both relatively new to the scene, and they are both hot-button issues. Since 1980, the use of corn has increased significantly as a result of renewable energy legislation. Not only are we using more corn, but we are using different strains of corn. In 2013, genetically engineered corn accounted for 90% of the planted crop showing a steep increase from just 25% in 2000. A series of graphs were produced by Flapjack Media to detangle the data. The full graphic is available here. [Read more…]

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