Newspaper Blackout Poetry


Sometimes in life you can only grasp the true beauty of things when you read between the lines. That is exactly what Austin Kleon has been doing to old newspapers. Using a black marker, he takes away the words he doesn’t need, creating new poetic verses. He has compiled his poetry into a book called Newspaper Blackout and invites others to upload their own blackout poetry on his Tumblr page. It’s like a new twist on magnetic poetry that will leave you unable to look at a newspaper in the same way again!

Portraits of Authors Written In Their Own Words

Walt Whitman as “Leaves of Grass”

Artist, writer and poet John Sokol has a deep appreciation for words and authors… a fact his “Word Portraits” cleverly demonstrate. Using the classic work of iconic authors (from poets to scientists) Sokol precisely weaves his own hand written version of their words into masterful portraits with a surprising amount of detail. To see highly detailed versions of his work or to purchase some at very reasonable prices, see