Rubiks Snake Lamp Has Many Different Formations And They Are All Super Sleek

If you were a child in the 70’s or a vintage toy collector, you might have heard of the Rubik’s Snake. Russian designers Oikimus Maria and Ivan Zverev of Oikimus Design have shined a new light on that clever concept. They have created a stylish lamp out of plywood, LEDs, and frosted Plexiglass, with hinges that allow the parts to move and rotate into many sleek formations.

Oak Or Cloak? These Plywood Creations Play With Your Eyes

Forget those camo pants you had in 1998: plywood artist Ron Isaacs pairs camouflage and clothing in a way that defies any fashion trend. Beginning with sheets of birch, the artist creates elegant constructions of clothing, flora, and found objects. He then paints his otherworldly sculptures in an astounding trompe l’oeil style, leaving the viewer wondering if what looks like fabric may simply be fabrication.

A McDonalds Style Kitchen Made Completely Out of Wood

Plenty of people have complained that fast food burgers taste like cardboard… but what about that flavor hitting the palate more like wood? Artist Roxy Paine has created that reality, building a McDonalds-like commercial kitchen completely out of wood… and we mean everything.

Taking the Barrios to the Galleries: Henrique Oliveira


Hailing from Sao Paulo, Henrique Oliveira makes wild installation art using materials from the streets of Brazil. Initially he would take pealing pieces from the plywood barriers around the city, falling apart and changing color in the weather. He used the pieces as canvas for his paintings, but later realized that the flexible nature of the medium could be used to make incredible installations. He starts with a skeleton of purchased plywood, and then uses the pieces of plywood that he finds to give texture and color to the structure.

The Past in Plywood: Swell Mid-Century Vacation Homes

When I was a young kid, I literally spent months drawing home plans. My childhood designs where heavily based off the vintage books I spent hours pouring over, little knowing they where long outdated designs from 50s and 60s America. So when I ran across this small booklet of vacation home plans from the Douglas Fir Association in 1960, I have to say I had a very soft (I mean soft!) spot in my heart for these fantastically creative and classic designs. The booklet is filled with stylishly painted illustrations of the homes, floor plans and interiors, depicting a leisurely existence of life at the lake, horseback riding, barbecues and dancing at midnight.