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Plants With Pants! It’s Domsai by Matteo Cibic

Thursday 10.23.2014 , Posted by

Long days at the office in a cubicle can be very lonely. Now, instead of g-chatting your colleagues to feel more connected, you can place one of these stylish friends on your desk. A cactus is already a practical choice, requiring only a few drops of water each week to survive, but these ones have pants, so they can also keep you company. Domsai, produced and distributed by Italian contemporary publisher Monotono, is “a desktop Tamagotchi”. It’s an elegantly designed dwelling for a cactus or a succulent, featuring a glass dome with breathing holes on a pedestal of legs. It looks like an astronaut without a torso and some of the legs are even wearing socks! [Read more…]


This Artist Launched Plants Into the Stratosphere

Sunday 07.20.2014 , Posted by
1 Exobiotanica by Azuma Makoto

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts from nature, but they look even more beautiful contrasted with the deep abyss of space. Japanese artist Azuma Makoto along with John Powell, of JP Aerospace, and a 10-person crew team, launched a white pine bonsai in a light metal frame as well as a bouquet 30 flower species including peace lilies, hydrangeas, and orchids into the stratosphere. These floral installations were sent into space in the dead of night at 2am from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, which hosts Burning Man. The called their mission Exobiotanica and with 6 Go Pro video cameras and still cameras donated by Fuji Film, the team was able to capture the beautiful sight. [Read more…]


Short on Space? Try Ultra-Small Bonsai Trees

Tuesday 06.03.2014 , Posted by
Miniature bonsai header

Is your tiny studio apartment too tiny even for a bonsai tree? Nope. These are easily small enough. Apparently there’s an ultra-small bonsai trend sweeping Japan that includes examples reaching no higher than 3cm (1.18 in)! Not all there are trees of course – many are succulents and some are even weeds plucked from the sidewalk. [Read more…]


Astounding Sculptures Growing in Montréal

Friday 07.12.2013 , Posted by

montreal plant sculptures 1

It’s an art festival that will delight gardeners, sculptors and the public alike – the Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal is a massive international mosaiculture competition taking place in Montréal, Canada. The exhibition, which opened June 22 and runs through September 29, features an astounding 22,000 plant species and cultivars spread through 10 greenhouses and 30 themed gardens… all carefully arranged to form living sculptures like a convincingly fluffy dog made of grass, to an unbelievably lush Spirit in the Woods. [Read more…]


Grow Your Own: A UK Guide to Yearly Planting & Harvest

Friday 12.28.2012 , Posted by

Bold and Noble Grow Your Own Calendar 2

It’s that time of year again, the time when you pull out your collection of seeds and plan this years magnificent vegetable garden. For some of us, the selection of this tasty cornucopia is a near obsession (we made our own handy California based graphic). This wonderfully designed poster from UK based print shop Bold and Noble could help you plan your year from sewing to harvest. [Read more…]


A Lush Suspended Field Demonstrates the Cycles of Life

Tuesday 09.18.2012 , Posted by

Think of it as a trampoline which grows a verdant carpet of plant life. Floating well above the floor a net of fabric springs to life in the form of bright green sprouts. The piece allows viewers to interact with the space, climbing up through manhole like openings in the fabric, poking their heads into its green rolling landscape and climbing onto its springy surface. [Read more…]


Mosstika: Street Art Greens the Urban Jungle

Monday 06.04.2012 , Posted by

When we think of street art we often think of dry concrete, spray paint cans and urban wastelands… but that’s not what you’ll find here. These creations have a drastically more “green” theme, striving to bring a bit of unexpected nature to the so-called urban jungle and in doing so a bit more life to its often weary inhabitants. The creations of gorilla street art collective Mosstika, each piece of art brings some literal green to the world, installing pieces of art with living grass and moss around the city. [Read more…]


Follow Your Natural Path

Monday 12.19.2011 , Posted by

Award-winning photographer, Ellie Davies asks the world to accompany her into a land of myth, magic and our own psyches with her exhibition “Come With Me.” Living and working in London, Davies finds her inspiration in The New Forest on the south coast of England. [Read more…]


‘Boring’ fungus finally gets a name

Tuesday 08.16.2011 , Posted by

A fungus that’s been lurking underground for millions of years—known only through its DNA—has been cultured, photographed, named, and assigned a place on the tree of life. Researchers say it represents an entirely new class of fungi: the Archaeorhizomycetes. [Read more…]