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Russian Weddings: Photoshopped

Tuesday 05.15.2012 , Posted by

When it’s time to get married, who is going to take your photos? In Russia, there are special photographers that take photos of the soon to be bride and groom and use a program called “photo shop” to make them look funny! Or in Russian, смешной! [Read more...]


It’s History! Superheroes in Old War Photos

Sunday 05.06.2012 , Posted by

History really could use more superheroes. In the crazy times we’ve witnessed in the last century, from revolutions galore, to the World Wars and nations wielding nuclear power, the thought of having someone super powered standing guard is a welcome thought. These photos bring that reality to life, placing superheroes in iconic vintage photographs alongside famous figures from history — Heinrich Himmler getting a lecture from Captain America, Superman protecting art treasures from looters and Batman looking over the shoulder of Fidel Castro. It’s not all perfect though… it seems you get your super villains along with your heros. Darth Vader hangs out at the meeting of Yalta with Stalin, FDR and Winston Churchill and the Joker messes with the SS. [Read more...]


Bohemian Dreams in Digital Art

Thursday 04.19.2012 , Posted by

Somewhere between the work of Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam lies the beautifully imaginative art of Alexander Jansson. His digital painting style is full of fuzzy fauna, twisted flora and plenty of stylish victorian houses… all with the dark and mysterious look you would expect in some bohemian’s dream. The deliciously rich and inviting colors beg your eye to explore the many layers of detail: lighted homes on elephants backs, glowing lanterns over shimmering water. It’s a world that looks thrilling and rewarding to inhabit. [Read more...]


Handicapped Cars or Hover Cars?

Thursday 04.12.2012 , Posted by

If Mad Max hadn’t been so dystopian, you could imagine these unusual shiny cars cruising the streets of the post-apocalyptic future, rebuilt from the remains of classic muscle cars and updated with the latest future hover technology. The strange autos from German artist Beni Bischof, remix car photos from around the internet, removing their wheels with photoshop, smoothing their lines and giving them a plethora of headlights. These aren’t really intended to be hover cars though… they’re a vision of Bischof’s strange reworking of daily life when it’s no longer fully functional. [Read more...]


Disney Heroines Come to Life

Tuesday 04.03.2012 , Posted by

Disney characters are iconic and have the magic quality of bringing back pleasant memories of the time we first saw them: whether at a cinema, one of the theme parks around the world or as a childhood toy. In Disney’s animated feature films their diverse characters have been seen all over the world and one graphic design student from Finland has created his own characterization of the loved Disney female leads. [Read more...]


The Beauty of Flooded Architecture

Thursday 03.01.2012 , Posted by

Imagine the sea rising above the worlds most breathtaking architecture: our cathedrals, our museums that hold our masterpieces from centuries ago, being destroyed with the rage of crashing waves. Imagine the ocean flooding an entire opera house or a swamped ballroom with delicate Swarvoski chandeliers dangling above the water. Spanish artist Pablo Genovés uses a collage style mixed with digital photography to give us a different perspective on an apocalyptic future. It makes one consider the fact that our art and our architecture is fragile – regardless of our intentions and actions to preserve the past. You can view more of Genovés creations on his website and in exhibitions around Europe and the U.S. [Read more...]


Crazy Imaginative Photo Manipulations

Monday 02.27.2012 , Posted by

When it comes to extreme manipulation of photographs, few can do it with more style than Dan Escobar. His photography, combined with a deft hand in Photoshop create some of the more imaginative compositions we’ve seen… from submarines rising out of backyard swimming pools, to Sasquatch swiping the wheels on an RV and sharks occupying living rooms, Dan can do it all. [Read more...]


God Spotted On The Streets Of New York

Tuesday 02.21.2012 , Posted by


Has anyone ever told you that God is all around you? Well… we have the photographs to prove it! He’s the guy that rode by on a motorcycle this morning and stole your wallet. He’s also the guy at the NYSE placing his bet amongst the other stockholders. Wait, didn’t I see God on The Price Is Right last night? [Read more...]


Tutti Frutti: A Tasty Self-Portrait Collection

Wednesday 02.15.2012 , Posted by

Cristina Otera combines her obsession for fruit with her imaginative photography, creating this tasty collection. The 16-year-old artist from Cádiz, Spain started experimenting with photoshop only two years ago and by combining that with some very creative makeup skills, she has been submitting amazingly vibrant photos on Deviant Art ever since. Cristina has established quite the following through her online portfolio and — with this she can answer anyones questions via video chat. It is inspiring to see talented young artists coming out of the woodwork! [Read more...]


Classic Beauties Get A Shocking Photoshop Treatment

Wednesday 02.08.2012 , Posted by

“What would have happened if the aesthetic standard of our society had belonged to the collective unconscious of the great artists of the past?” So asks Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano in her Venus project, which re-imagines classic artistic depictions of Venus with a modern and extreme Photoshop makeover. What begin as mostly Rubenesque beauties are transformed into busty, slim-waisted figures more closely matching the ideals we are bombarded with today. [Read more...]

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