A Russian Museum of Architecture’s Smart Ad Campaign

Schusev State Museum of Architecture Advertising Campaign 1

With the smart tag line “Discover the Full Story,” the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow recently released a seriously slick advertising campaign. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, it sees historic Russian buildings extending far into the ground as if the part we’re familiar with was only the peak of a much larger building. It’s as if archeologists had one day explored deep into the basement and discovered they were really in the attic.

Zoo Animals Get Fashionable

Zoo Portraits Yago Partal 1

Dog and cat owners already know this, but dressing your pet up in fashionable clothes is perhaps the best entertainment you’ll have. Yago Partal takes a cue from these pet owners and transfers it to something a little more exotic, the zoo. His recent series Zoo Portraits, sees creatures from giraffes to wolves getting spiffed up in trendy clothes; from suits to Hawaiian shirts. It’s one ridiculously fashionable menagerie.

Thumbs Up! Famous Films Without the Guns

Thumbs and Ammo 15

Sometimes in life, all it takes is removing one key ingredient to change the message… in fact, it sometimes completely reverses the original meaning. That’s the case in these great movie still remixes from the blog Thumbs and Ammo, where we are given a collection of shoot’em up moments with one element removed: the guns. Suddenly tough guys like Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in Scarface don’t look so tough… he’s just enthusiastically giving a thumbs-up.

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Unique Painted Caricatures by Dom Richards

1 pope benedict2

Art director by day, caricature creator by night- or whenever he has the free time, Dom Richards has a distinctive digital style that leaves his works looking like oil paintings. The UK based cartoonist has been mimicking reality through his art since the age of 5 when he thought his money tracing skills would make him the richest man alive! While comically distorting some of the most recognizable faces in the world, he puts back every wrinkle and curl to make them easily identifiable. From the Queen dressed as a leprechaun, to history’s first retired pope, rockstars, political figures, to ordinary people and pets, Dom captures the essence of each character.

The Simpsons Come to Life as Celebrities

Brad Anderson Celebrity Simpsons 1

What if a live-action version of the Simpsons was created? Like the Flintstones and Transformers movies, many cartoons have been adapted for live characters. But, in the case of the famous yellow family in the long running hit from Springfield – who could possibly be chosen to portray such memorable characters as Homer Simpson and friends? Artist Brad Anderson gave the question a stab, photoshopping versions of the family and other famous characters from the show using famous celebrities to fill each roll.

A Splash of Life: Creatures Get Liquefied


“Water is my element!” states German digital artist and photographer B-O-K-E on his deviantART page. Although he does not reveal much about himself, other than the equipment he uses and his Taurus zodiac sign, even masking his face in his profile picture, his photo manipulations are certainly refreshing. He transforms mammals and insects into the very molecule they depend on for survival: water. His works are like an homage to this liquid foundation of life- exploding, splashing, and dripping off of the creatures it has formed.

Air Drive: Classic Cars Take to the Air

Renaud Marion Air Drive 5

Looking like some gravity defying retro-futuristic vehicles out of the movie Gattaca, or maybe Earth-based versions of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, the automobiles of Paris based photographer Renaud Marion might look even cooler than their wheeled counterparts. Calling the series ‘Air Drive‘ the effect is pretty simple, but the result is seriously captivating… a quick removal of the wheels on each of these cars makes them take the leap into the future of flying cars.

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