Dogs Dressing Up Like Their Owners

Dogs-Dressed-as-Their-Owners 1

It’s happened to all of us: walking down the street with their shaggy dog is an equally shaggy owner… maybe the fuzzy duo even had the same hair color. Surprisingly often, dog owners closely resemble their canine companions, and Bern Switzerland-based photographer Sebastian Magnani is showing us just how close. His wacky collection of photoshopped portraits captures dog owners and then splices their dog’s face into their clothes, complete with human hairdos. Some show a hilarious likeness!

Visual Bits #454 > Otherworldly Photography

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Magic Movie Moment Paintings by Alice X Zhang

Alice X Zhang 1- The Dark Knight

For every great movie, there are several memorable scenes that remain etched in our minds forever. Designer/illustrator Alice X. Zhang has a knack for choosing these magic moments and bringing them to life with her unique style of digital painting. A self-proclaimed “artistic fangirl” she recreates captivating scenes with an astonishing use of color for this series called Moments. Though she makes it look easy, these pieces can take over 4 hours, so don’t be fooled into thinking that she has a “magic brush set” on Photoshop. As you can see in the time lapse video of Alice digitally painting a Sherlock Holmes piece at the bottom of this post, she navigates Photoshop like a boss.

Space Traveling Dog Photography

1 warpdogs1

How fast is that doggy in the window? You might wonder while looking at these incredibly imaginative photoshop masterpieces by blogger Benjamin Grelle, aka The Frogman. Just as dogs love riding in the car with their heads out the window on the highway, they are shown enjoying space travel at warped speeds. With their gums and tongues flapped back, the dogs appear to be smiling as they zoom through the universe.

Father Photoshops his Daughter into Impossible Scenes

Emil Nystrom Impossible Daughter Portraits 6

Kids can be both a blessing and a burden… and when it comes to these impossible images, those facts are taken to the extreme. Up and coming photographer Emil Nystrom has only been working in the field for about a year… but you wouldn’t know it from these brilliant Photoshopped compositions featuring his lovely baby daughter. On the helpful side, we see her climbing under the hood to fix the car and lending a hand painting the walls of the house. Probably less helpful, she also seems to love doing cannon balls into the bathtub and hitching rides behind airplanes. Trouble!

Visual Bits #437 > A Sea Of Dreams: Surrealism

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What if Picasso’s Subjects Were Truly Abstract?

Flora Borsi The Real Life Models 2

It’s commonly known that Picasso painted portraits of his many lovers, often with loads of style but less than realistic features… but what if he painted only what he saw? Flóra Borsi has creatively re-imagined four classic portraits with distorted subjects from famous 20th century painters. In each example she humorously (and a bit shockingly) brings to life the character in the painting – warped features and all – and places them posing next to their portrait.

Visual Bits #420 > Capture The Surreal Beauty Of Life

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A Russian Museum of Architecture’s Smart Ad Campaign

Schusev State Museum of Architecture Advertising Campaign 1

With the smart tag line “Discover the Full Story,” the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow recently released a seriously slick advertising campaign. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, it sees historic Russian buildings extending far into the ground as if the part we’re familiar with was only the peak of a much larger building. It’s as if archeologists had one day explored deep into the basement and discovered they were really in the attic.

Zoo Animals Get Fashionable

Zoo Portraits Yago Partal 1

Dog and cat owners already know this, but dressing your pet up in fashionable clothes is perhaps the best entertainment you’ll have. Yago Partal takes a cue from these pet owners and transfers it to something a little more exotic, the zoo. His recent series Zoo Portraits, sees creatures from giraffes to wolves getting spiffed up in trendy clothes; from suits to Hawaiian shirts. It’s one ridiculously fashionable menagerie.