Broccoli Lawns and Cupcake Sledding: Photographer Christopher Boffoli Plays With His Food


Seattle photographer, Christopher Boffoli, is widely known for his series of work called Big Appetites. Using food as a prop in his photographic storytelling, the images show an affection for the miniature and the playful. The work is significantly more evolved than the airplane spoon of dinner that is “coming in for a landing” in a baby’s mouth, but perhaps both share the concept of bridging food and play. The photos create imaginary worlds and alternate realities. It’s a world where broccoli can becomes a lawn and spaghetti can become a car wash.

Wookiees in Real-Life

Mako Miyamoto Real Life Wookies 5

When you’re a Wookiee and not off defeating the Empire or shooting down Tie-Fighters, what’s there to do but feast with the family or go rollerskating? Then again, if those aren’t thrilling enough pastimes, you could always practice Karate on the beach or stick up a convenience store. Ahh… such is the life of the Wookiee here on Earth… always looking for the next place to show off your ferocious skills.

Captivating Images of Parkour in Action


If you don’t know what “Parkour” is, it is an activity of moving along in the quickest and most efficient way through jumping, running and climbing. The sport requires a good deal of strength as the participants jump over buildings and climb high walls.

Early voting photos of Americas Election Day

Today is a big day for America. Happening every four years, a Presidential election brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in conversations and daily life. In addition to the election of President, there are numerous propositions in various states on the ballot this year that are addressing key issues such as the death penalty, marriage and the environment.

Finnish Sisters Recreate Their Childhood Memories

Don’t you love all those photographs your parents took of you and your siblings growing up? Well, maybe you didn’t at the time… but Wilma Hurskainen did and after she became a professional photographer, she decided to recreate images her father took of his 4 daughters before they grew up.

A User-Generated Collection of Google Earth Imagery

There are many beautiful places in the world, but we often miss a lot of that beauty until we look at it from “up above.” Stratocam, a program developed by former Google and Dreamworks employee Paul Rademacher, allows visitors to take their own aerial snaps with the help of Google Earth and later vote for their favorite photographs from the community of images.

Dear Photograph: New Images of Old Memories

Dear Photograph“… so begins each poignant note addressed to the juxtaposed photographs on the site of the same name. Short stories about special memories, fun times and lost love ones fill the touching pages of the website where readers submit images of their old photographs, captured in the same location from the same view.

Remake: Classic Art Re-Interpreted

Classic artworks get re-made in’s photo project, ‘Remake’. Artists from van Gogh to Cindy Sherman where re-interpreted by photographers in the UK based project, playfully lending their artistic license to give the works a new aesthetic. Artists were encouraged to minimally modify their original images, lending the project a raw, snapshot like feel in many examples. See many more of the excellent submissions at

Photographing the Streets of New York 1968-1978

A year after moving to New York City, photographer Paul McDonough started documenting its bustling street life. From the dog park to Wall Street, his photographs captured a vibrant city in the throws of the progressive 60s and 70s, each of his captivating images holding small gems, hidden for the viewer to discover. McDonough has lived in New York ever since, and his love of the city shows through in the tender treatment of his subjects. Find out more, in the artists own words, at The Paris Review

The Disciples: Fans of the Band

Esteemed photographer James Mollison spent over three years outside different concert venues, capturing the varied fans and their wild attire. During the project, he noticed different “tribes” of people, emulating the celebrities and bonding with other fans in what he calls “surrogate families.” It was a chance to belong, relive their youth and enjoy the art of musicians they revere. See more of this work, or get his book The Disciples at