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Photojournalist to Syrian Rebels: What do you carry?

Saturday 02.16.2013 , Posted by

The Things They Carry Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini_06

“They killed my mother and father. I will kill them with my knife. I will kill them like I would kill a goat,” says Kachadur Manukian, the 25 year old Syrian fighter above. The darkly vignetted image is the work of photojournalist Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini, who spent 2012 with Syrian rebels as they fought against soldiers loyal to the regime. [Read more…]


Material World: A Snapshot of World Possessions

Tuesday 09.20.2011 , Posted by

The Yadev family of India, their worldly possessions carefully organized upon the dirt in their front yard: a simple bed, pictures of deities, bags of food. The image is part of Material World: A Global Family Portrait, a project started in the 90’s by esteemed photojournalist Peter Menzel.

In each of 30 countries, Menzel used data from the World Bank and United Nations to find statistically average families: average in size, location, background, and occupation. He then coordinated with 16 leading photographers to create images that give us a social and geographical snapshot of peoples lives and the objects that fill them. Beautiful. [Read more…]


In Remembrance: Photojournalists Killed in Libya

Friday 04.22.2011 , Posted by

The photography and film world sadly lost two of their own on Wednesday. Oscar-nominated war-film director Tim Hetherington and second-prize winning photojournalist Chris Hondros both lost their lives while covering a battle between Libyan government forces and rebel fighters in the city of Misrata. [Read more…]