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Water Gypsies Take New York and Venice

Wednesday 07.24.2013 , Posted by

water gypsies 3

It’s part Huckleberry Finn, part Burning Man and a whole lot of watery fun. The brainchild of a street artist going by the name of Swoon, this project sees a band of adventurous folks building strikingly creative and questionably seaworthy boats to take them on summer cruises for no well defined purpose other than having a great time and meeting people along the way. [Read more...]


Never Too Young: Fuji, the 3 Year Old Photographer

Tuesday 07.23.2013 , Posted by


In the West African country of Nigeria is a three year old boy by the name of Fuji Remet. His current hobby isn’t playing with toys, scribbling on walls or eating Play-Doh but rather shooting photos with a Sony SLR. He’s an aspiring photographer… and his first exhibition of his work just happened last month. His proud father, who himself is an artist and graphic designer, sent in his son’s work to CNN and they picked up the story of the young artist. [Read more...]


Mother and Daughter Create Fun “Identical” Portraits

Monday 07.22.2013 , Posted by

Mother + Daughter Carra Sykes 1

While 24 year old Carra Sykes was waiting to hear back about potential design jobs, and not hearing much, she hatched the idea for a project that would keep both her and her mom Marti busily creative. While the two women don’t look uncommonly familiar, the similarities do become apparent when they dress in the same clothes and pose in the same spot. Their Mother + Daughter project has become a really great series, showing the close bond between the two as they humorously wear the same motorcycle helmet in the shower, plank on the sofa, or just stand in the forrest… and like many great projects, it all began as a joke [Read more...]


Vintage European Photos Become Windows to the Past

Friday 07.19.2013 , Posted by

Window to the Past 2

We’ve seen this type of photo juxtaposition before with the works of Shawn Clover and Khánh Hmoong, but we’ve never seen such nostalgia inducing images as those by Kerényi Zoltán. He’s been finding vintage photographs of Europe (mostly of his native Hungary), finding their original location and capturing the place from the exact spot of the original photographer. Once the vintage image is placed on top it forms an almost seamless Window to the Past. [Read more...]


Complete Strangers Pose Together for Portraits

Thursday 07.18.2013 , Posted by


In America, one of the early warnings children receive from their parents is the saying “don’t talk to strangers.” It is for good reason and serves to protect them from the potential child predator. Yet, somehow this propaganda which gets etched in these young minds can evolve to a mental state where fully grown adults are always hesitant to trust anyone they don’t personally know. The reality though, is that most people on this planet are in fact friendly and nice, and share similarities with everyone; similarities such as loving family, working for a better life and being loved. Photographer Richard Renaldi created a photographic project in 2007 called “Touching Strangers.” In this series, Renaldi sought to create unpredictable variables into traditional photography, and to create spontaneous relationships between complete strangers. [Read more...]


London, Swallowed by Flooding Waves

Sunday 07.14.2013 , Posted by

Rupert Jordan Flooded London 1

Sometimes the very best illusions are those that are the most obvious. English photographer Rupert Jordan is taking that thinking seriously, producing a series of images along London’s Thames river that feature the iconic landmarks lining its shores. What makes Jordan’s images so interesting? All his landmarks appear as if they are sinking into a massive flood. [Read more...]


Captivating: The UK’s Homeless in Black & White

Tuesday 07.09.2013 , Posted by


Lee Jeffries is a 41 year old accountant from Manchester. Throughout most of his life, he never did anything remotely arts related, but a camera and a conversation changed all of that one day. While he was walking around London he noticed a young girl that seemed homeless. As she lay in her sleeping bag curled up, he inconspicuously took a shot of her and began to walk away. It was then that something inside him was moved and he decided to go back to the sleeping girl and talk to her. After their conversation, Jeffries’ perception of the homeless had shifted significantly and he was inspired to engage in their lives. [Read more...]


Wookiees in Real-Life

Saturday 07.06.2013 , Posted by

Mako Miyamoto Real Life Wookies 5

When you’re a Wookiee and not off defeating the Empire or shooting down Tie-Fighters, what’s there to do but feast with the family or go rollerskating? Then again, if those aren’t thrilling enough pastimes, you could always practice Karate on the beach or stick up a convenience store. Ahh… such is the life of the Wookiee here on Earth… always looking for the next place to show off your ferocious skills. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #460>Now You See Me:Portrait Photography

Wednesday 07.03.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more...]


Not Photoshop: Trippy Melting Inkjet Prints

Tuesday 07.02.2013 , Posted by

Ben Dehaan Uncured 1

These bizarre melting portraits from Portland, Maine-based artist Ben DeHaan are created with a surprisingly clever technique using just a conventional inkjet printer and gravity. His project, called Uncured, features two side-by-side images of the portrait before and after it has melted away leaving drips of watercolor-like paths down the page. [Read more...]

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