Intimate Photographs Capture WWII Veterans

As the Silent Generation ages, World War II veterans are passing on, leaving a legacy behind them. But each veteran has his or her own story, and that is what photographer Sasha Maslov is aiming to capture in her photo series honoring WWII survivors from all over the world.  

Holy Men: Portraits Of Indian Sadhu’s By Photographer Joey L.

When Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L. isn’t taking professional photos of celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Danny DeVito or Jessica Chastain, he engages in personal photographic projects. One such project was his journey to India to connect with the sadhus, or holy men, living in Varanasi.

The Unbelievable Hand-Cut 3D Collages of Justine Khamara

1 Hand-Cut Photographs Turned Into Collages by Justine Khamara

In this digital world, it’s hard to be impressed by photographs or images, but knowing that each one of these incredible collages was cut by hand should bring some awe back into your life! Based in Melbourne, Aussie artist Justine Khamara transforms photographs into stunning three-dimensional sculptures. Mostly portrait photos, she is also known to use body parts to create unique creations. One man’s face becomes a fractal ball, a face is sliced in pieces so thin that it appears to be a mesh net, tiny heads are stacked into a tower, and photos are re-assembled in a teepee-like fashion after taking a trip through a paper shredder. Khamara’s innovation and skill are seriously impressive. When her art is exhibited, she often shows the original portrait where her sculptural paper carvings were taken.

Victims Of Sandy Unite To Return Lost Family Photos

When asked what would you grab if you only had time to get one thing out of your home before it was destroyed, what would you take? The most common answer after people and pets is pictures. Pictures are one of the few things that are truly irreplaceable. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Jeannette Van Houten was walking along the shore of Union Beach where her home and 200 others were devastated by the storm. She noticed a photograph on the ground of a couple attending a wedding and instantly realized her mission.

25 Places You Have To See Before You Die

Although they say it’s a small world, anyone who’s done a bit of traveling knows that it’s big enough to spend your entire life on the road and still only see a fraction of it. So, as a gift to all of you globetrotters out there we decided to simplify things and put together a list of 25 places you have to see before you die.

Off the Grid: People Who Have Left Technology Behind

It’s strange to write this on the internet, the forefront of all things technological and modern… but some people are deciding to leave it all behind. For various reasons — from seeing the effects of modern society on the natural world, to the way people are increasingly connected to electronic devices, or the way the rat race of consumerism envelops the fabric of our communities — a number of people are choosing to live a more ‘down to earth’ existence, getting them in touch with the land in older, now forgotten ways.

The 25 Most Remote Places in the World

In spite of the fact that our planet is undergoing a population explosion, there are still some places where it would be hard to find a companion In just a few moments we are going to go on a tour that will involve everything from isolated arctic islands to secluded canyons. By the end of it you will have probably gained a new appreciation for the people in your life (or maybe you’ll start packing your bags). Either way, we hope you enjoy this compilation of the 25 most remote places in the world

Remixed Antique Portraits Become Superheros

Nothing could warm the heart of a vintage comic book geek more than these sensational new artworks by Alex Gross. Taking antique photographs called Cabinet cards from the 1870s to 1920s, he hand-painted each one to look like comic heros, movie characters and even some colorful character creations of his own. He cleverly reworks the often plain backgrounds of the original image, moves arms around and changes their dress to something more “super,” retaining the face of the original portraits figure. Suddenly a solemn 19th century portrait becomes a stoic and colorful visage of Bizzaro standing before a war torn city.

China: Recent Photos Show Shocking Pollution

From the of off-the-charts levels of air pollutants recently recorded in Beijing, to massive fish die offs and waste chemicals being dumped directly into its main waterways, China has quickly been gaining the well earned reputation as the world’s worst polluter. These hard to stomach images from Reuters show a land drastically changed in the country’s last decades of massive growth; a hard earned payment to become the product producing powerhouse that it is today.

Hidden Splendor: NYC’s Abandoned City Hall Station

Hidden below the streets of New York City are the long lost subway stations of old. Too small to accommodate the hoards that now travel the system daily, too small for the modern trains and too classy for a no-pants subway ride. This beautifully ornate station below City Hall was built in 1904 and operated until 1945 when it was closed to the public. Few have seen it in person.