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Soldier creates Civil war-era Tintypes in Afghanistan

Thursday 07.25.2013 , Posted by


This year California Air National Guardsman Ed Drew got called to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan to serve a three month tour of duty. A couple months before, his second son was born and Drew thought about his own mortality.
If he was killed in duty, what could he leave for his son to remember him by? There was a chance this could happen considering Drew was an aerial gunner, manning a 50-caliber machine gun aboard an HH60-Pave Hawk search and rescue chopper. Drew decided to bring a large format Speed Graphic camera to shoot portraits of his fellow airman with the goal of capturing their humanity. And if he unexpectedly got killed, his son could see his work and know who he served with and how they knew him. [Read more...]


Never Too Young: Fuji, the 3 Year Old Photographer

Tuesday 07.23.2013 , Posted by


In the West African country of Nigeria is a three year old boy by the name of Fuji Remet. His current hobby isn’t playing with toys, scribbling on walls or eating Play-Doh but rather shooting photos with a Sony SLR. He’s an aspiring photographer… and his first exhibition of his work just happened last month. His proud father, who himself is an artist and graphic designer, sent in his son’s work to CNN and they picked up the story of the young artist. [Read more...]


Long Exposure Vietnam War Photos Released

Monday 07.01.2013 , Posted by


There are many photos of the Vietnam War, but a veteran who took photos one fateful evening decided to keep them secret. He has now released them 40 years later. They are a set of night-time photos that documented a short battle between a US army camp and one lone Viet Cong sniper. For a few days, the sniper had been firing down on the camp at night from a nearby hill. After the US soldiers were frazzled enough, they decided the next time he shot at the camp, they would open up full force on him. This was when James Speed Hensinger got out his camera and positioned himself for the fireworks that were about to take place. [Read more...]


Patterns in the Urban World: Photography by Jared Lim

Tuesday 06.25.2013 , Posted by

jared lim urban 3

Over the course of human history the expansion of the urban metropolis has continued to grow. The country of Singapore, which is almost entirely a city in itself, is a good example of the extent this trend has reached, and that’s why it’s a good place to find a photographer who understands the beauty in such metropolises. His name is Jared Lim and he has had the privilege of travelling to cities all over the world capturing intriguing urban structures and the intricate forms they reveal to his lens. [Read more...]


Photos of Cemetery Living in the City of Manila

Tuesday 05.21.2013 , Posted by


Huddled in the inner city of Manila, there exists a home for thousands of poor, destitute, underclass – Filipinos who have settled in the city’s North Cemetery. Hungarian born photographer Roland A Nagy has been fascinated with capturing the cities social issues through his camera lens ever since moving to the large city in the Philippines. With a population of 12 million people, the metropolis has an estimated 40 percent living under the poverty line. [Read more...]


Cameron Davidson Captures Our World from Above

Friday 05.17.2013 , Posted by


Cameron Davidson is an aerial photographer who also shoots location portraits. Based in Washington D.C., Davidson has been enthralled with photography since he took his first pictures as a young boy. Inspired by his great-grandfather, he gained a healthy respect for nature, then learning from his mother, a helicopter reporter, he infused flight into his photography. Having found his calling he has been most recognized for his works photographing Chesapeake Bay and Haiti. [Read more...]


Mind-Bending Photo-Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Monday 05.13.2013 , Posted by

creative-photo-manipulation-erik-johansson 4

Erik Johansen’s pictures are worth more than a thousand words. The German born, Swedish based photographer enjoys nothing more than manipulating the mind with his tantalizing visual imagery. His vivid imagination and surreal forms create brilliant pictures of surreal moments, all with a hint of the believable. Originally a computer engineering student, Johansson currently works on personal projects as well as commissioned ones. [Read more...]


World Famous Landmarks Made to Look Miniature

Wednesday 05.08.2013 , Posted by

miniture places around the world 3

When it comes to this world, there are people who see it as vast and locations as distant, and there are some who see it as miniscule. In relation to the solar system and galaxies beyond, our planet is indeed tiny in comparison… and the humans that inhabit it are even smaller. New York based photographer Richard Silver decided that he wanted to capture that reality of being small through his photography. Packing his bags and camera gear, he ventured all over the world to create “miniature shots” from some of the most famous man made structures in the world. [Read more...]


Vintage Cameras Found with Old Film

Friday 04.19.2013 , Posted by

vintage photos discovered 1vintage photos discovered 2

Vintage camera collector Chris Hugues was picking up another camera to add to his 300 plus collection. To his surprise, he found two packages of slides in the worn leather case. Taking a close look he found that the slides were taken by a French soldier from WWI. There were some photos of battle and unique images of the time period. Thus began a journey to “hunt” vintage cameras with undeveloped film still in the case or camera. [Read more...]


Photographer sets up truck for “drive-by shooting”

Monday 04.15.2013 , Posted by

JohnnyTergo 3

Photographer Johnny Tergo would constantly see people he was inspired to photograph while he was driving the streets of Los Angeles. One day he had the idea to rigg up his Chevy Silverado truck with his camera gear and while driving, be able to click and shoot his unbeknownst subjects. He titled the project “Passenger Side Window.” [Read more...]

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