Visual Bits #447 > Life Is A Balance: Photography

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Everyday Scenes Become a Bizarre Reality

Step inside the imaginative mind of photographer and storyteller Ryan Schude. Each of the images in his collection creatively tells a story which takes you into an ominously surreal reality – or just a state of confusion. He takes any average situation in life, then begins twisting it, creating havoc by throwing in random props, situating models in unique poses, and using elaborate sets with tailored lighting. It carries an awkward humor that intrigues you and demands a close look… if only to try and understand what is really going on. The closer you examine his shots, the more you see the amount of thought and imagination that went into each photo-shoot.

What’s In the Pocket of a Beautiful Stranger?

Beginning in 2007, Jason Travis set out to catch up with old friends, meet a lot of new ones and most especially, photograph the things in their lives that were important enough that they’d lug them around wherever they went. His series of diptychs, called Persona, is a voyeuristic extravaganza, giving us an eye into the pockets and bags of strangers on the streets and allowing us to compare what they find valuable to our own life choices.

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

It’s just a simple toss to a full panoramic photo with this yet to be released ball camera.
Determined with a built in accelerometer, the super cool images (including an image of the thrower/photographer) are captured at the peak of its flight giving an aerial view of the world. The devise uses 36 mobile phone cameras to take the image at one instant, making capturing moving objects a possibility not seen in many other panoramic methods. Find out more about the patent pending design at

Visual Bits #23 > Radio. Head.

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iPhone 360Panorama App

Creating a 360-degree interactive panorama of your next party, big game, or messy bedroom is now a simple feat, and all you need to have is an iPhone. Released recently by Occipital, 360Panorama only requires that you slowly spin in a circle while capturing the world around you. The app then weaves the images together and best of all, lets you navigate it from the phone, or later on the web. They’ve even added a feature that uses the phone’s built-in gyroscope to navigate the image by spinning around, just as if you were still at the scene of the shoot.