All I Own: Peoples Possessions Up Against the Wall

What would everything you own look like against one wall? Photographer Sannah Kvist gave her subjects a simple but fun assignment: take all your worldly possessions and build a sculpture in any way you want. In the case of some, that sculpture might look like a mountain, but in the case of these young people from Sweden, they just have a small pile. All of her subjects where born in the 80’s, which is part of the charm of the portraits and an explanation of why they own so few things.

Overtaken By Nature: Decaying Cars From the Past

If you’ve ever read the book The World Without Us – an exploration of what would happen if humans one day vanished from the earth – these pictures might look a lot like how our planet would look after we were gone. Photographer Peter Lippmann has been traveling the countryside, seeking out vintage abandoned automobiles and creating some haunting, yet stunningly beautiful images. In each photograph the cars, forgotten and parked for years, are overtaken by the surrounding foliage: trees poke through fenders, leaves emerge from old chrome grills and vines make a home out of the machines interior.

Snap Shots: The Voices of Young China

Going to Adrian Fisk’s site is like jumping through a portal to another world; a world that will leave you more enlightened. Today we bring you his ‘iSpeak China’ series: “I have just returned from a 12500 km journey through China to find an answer to this question. I looked for young Chinese aged from 16 – 30 years, gave them a piece of paper and simply told them they could write what ever they wanted to on the piece of paper, I then photographed them holding the paper.” Make sure to visit his site, and while there check out his documentary about the human hair trade. It is absolutely fascinating.

A Fanciful Frolic at The Secret Garden Party

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Fellowes at Burning Man. He is part of the London crew at one of my very favorite camps during the Black Rock desert based event (they’re located in the 3:00 plaza). So, knowing what a seriously great time we’ve had on the playa, when I found out that he started the incredible Secret Garden party in the UK I was pumped

I Am Nerd: A Photographic Celebration of Nerdery

I Am A Nerd, a new series of playful images by freelance photographer Heather Landis, celebrates the inner and sometimes outer nerd in all of us. While the photographs do poke fun at a stereotypically lacking sense of fashion sense, the artists tender and respectful treatment of each individual actually comes across with a lot of heart.

Leica Lenses: Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship

Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about Leica camera lenses? Just what sets them apart from the competition, winning rave reviews for craftsmanship and results from a loyal following? This video shows the meticulous, hand-made manufacturing process that goes into each Leica lens… it’s a heart warming touch of care that few products see today.

Still Developing: A Celebration of Polaroid Film

No medium has quite provided instant gratification like the now discontinued Polaroid 600 film. Snap a shot, wait a minute and you had a uniquely hued print that only instant film could provide.

Capturing Fashion on the Street: The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman leads a visual life. He runs the immensely popular fashion commentary blog, The Sartorialist, out of his home in New York City. This inspiring and beautifully filmed documentary reveals the process and inspiration behind The Sartorialist, following Schuman on the streets of NYC capturing his daily fashion muses.

30 Years of BAD Pictures

National Geographic photographer Bruce Dale has had an illustrious and varied 30-year career. From mounting a camera in the tail of a jumbo jet, to taking the hologram image for the 100th anniversary edition of National Geographic, to being used as a seat for a bear, his journey has been full of surprises. For the secret behind why these beautiful and stunning photographs are labeled ‘BAD,’ hear the story in the video below.

Shot Through the Window: People Driving

For his book, 66 Drives, Andrew Bush photographed from his car while traveling 10 to 70 mph through Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States. His photos document a piece of America often seen, and often overlooked. Check out more or buy the book at