Touching Portraits of Mothers with Their One-Day-Old Babies

For the past few years, photographer Jenny Lewis has been documenting those precious moments when a mother and her newborn first bond. In her book, One Day Young, she shares five years’ worth of portraits of mothers and children in East London—taken within 24 hours of the child’s birth.

Photographer Captures Life on a Bench for a Year in Barcelona

Spanish photographer Gabor Erdely came up with a simple idea for capturing some of the life in the beautiful city of Barcelona: photograph a seaside bench for a year. In the Barceloneta area of the city, Erdely faithfully took photos from a bird’s-eye view to capture the many ways the locals use the bench.

Scenes From Movies & TV Shows Fit Perfectly Into the Everyday World on an iPhone

Sometimes on your routine stops at the grocery store, you might fantasize about what it would be like to see the Dude chugging milk in the dairy aisle.

Band Geeks Put A New Twist On Hadoukening

1 Vadering

This one time at band camp, some Japanese kids took over the photo meme known as Hadoukening. Sometimes called Vadering in the US, the trend was started by some Japanese school girls imitating manga martial arts moves from Street Fighter that sent their friends blasting through the air, spread through the world, and reached its peak about two months ago. But these young band kids have revived it, blowing their friends away with tubas and calling it “Tuba Gun” (チューバ砲 or “Chuuba Juu”).

Funny Optical Illusions Part 2


Our last optical illusions post was liked by many of our readers, so we have posted another one with images of strange scenarios caught at just the right moment or in just the right place. Featured here are some images by a wide selection of creative photographers that utilize nature, animals, plants and even time itself.

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Visual Bits #334> Not Always As It Seems: Photography

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Visual Bits #292 > A View From Above

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