Visual Bits #298 > Pieces Of Photography

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Visual Bits #290 > Wild World Of Advertising

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Out of Place: Bizarre Manipulations Around Town

There’s always a bit of humor in the work of Robert Rickhoff. What at first seems like normal, even mundane pictures of the world, turn out to be fun juxtapositions of everyday objects – objects he’s digitally moved to places highly impractical for actual use. Urinals hang suspended on toilet walls, only accessible by a climbing wall; suburban streets are built with high speed jumps; and a volleyball court is placed in the center of a divided highway.

Visual Bits #267> Breaking The Mold

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Visual Bits #246> Don’t Feel Manipulated

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Visual Bits #238> Slightly Kilter, Slightly Surreal

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Visual Bits #202> A Futuristic World

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It’s History! Superheroes in Old War Photos

History really could use more superheroes. In the crazy times we’ve witnessed in the last century, from revolutions galore, to the World Wars and nations wielding nuclear power, the thought of having someone super powered standing guard is a welcome thought. These photos bring that reality to life, placing superheroes in iconic vintage photographs alongside famous figures from history — Heinrich Himmler getting a lecture from Captain America, Superman protecting art treasures from looters and Batman looking over the shoulder of Fidel Castro. It’s not all perfect though… it seems you get your super villains along with your heros. Darth Vader hangs out at the meeting of Yalta with Stalin, FDR and Winston Churchill and the Joker messes with the SS.

Crazy Imaginative Photo Manipulations

When it comes to extreme manipulation of photographs, few can do it with more style than Dan Escobar. His photography, combined with a deft hand in Photoshop create some of the more imaginative compositions we’ve seen… from submarines rising out of backyard swimming pools, to Sasquatch swiping the wheels on an RV and sharks occupying living rooms, Dan can do it all.

Adventure Exposed In All Its Layers

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the better photoshop creations go together, photographer and computer artist Dave Hill has come to your rescue. Hill has put together some beautifully revealing videos featuring some of the many layers that go into his highly detailed photo manipulations. In his aptly titled “Adventure” series, plots the likes of James Bond and Indiana Jones face heros in the thick of action. For lots more, including videos expanding on his other projects, see Hill’s website: