Time-Warping Rainbows in Vintage Moments: Hannah Dansie

Hannah Dansie

Why are we limited to five senses when perceiving the world? We know that there is more energy out there than humans can naturally detect. There are radical frequencies in sound, extremes in color, and visualization of heat. But, what about visual perception of emotion or the intensity of a moment?  What would the energy have looked like at Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Or at your birthday party as you were blowing out the candles?  Painter Hannah Dansie explores these ideas in her surreal artwork which captures a mysterious energy that seems to transcend space and time. The simple but powerful images repeatedly present the same ‘sixth sense’ without explanation. The suspense of mystery keeps you flipping through image after image hopelessly searching for clues as to the origin of the colorful explosions. The geometric bursts appear to be a visual representation of accumulated energy that stems from every emotion that has ever been, or will ever be, connected to that single instant.

The Unbelievable Hand-Cut 3D Collages of Justine Khamara

1 Hand-Cut Photographs Turned Into Collages by Justine Khamara

In this digital world, it’s hard to be impressed by photographs or images, but knowing that each one of these incredible collages was cut by hand should bring some awe back into your life! Based in Melbourne, Aussie artist Justine Khamara transforms photographs into stunning three-dimensional sculptures. Mostly portrait photos, she is also known to use body parts to create unique creations. One man’s face becomes a fractal ball, a face is sliced in pieces so thin that it appears to be a mesh net, tiny heads are stacked into a tower, and photos are re-assembled in a teepee-like fashion after taking a trip through a paper shredder. Khamara’s innovation and skill are seriously impressive. When her art is exhibited, she often shows the original portrait where her sculptural paper carvings were taken.

Monolithic Typography in Vintage Collage Worlds


In Space Relationship, huge typographical forms rise from the grounds of vintage structures, dwarfing often famous locations with bold and mysterious messages: INTERVAL, LARGE, FRONT, DISCONTINUITY. The scenes themselves blend together imagery from vintage postcards and photography into a collage of impossibly scaled worlds – bridges, mountains, boats and rivers are all dwarfed by ornate victorian ceilings which tower above the foreground, enclosing the scene with a grandeur more architectural than natural. These infinitely explorable images are the work of French illustrator and graphic designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Rétrofuturs.

Presidential Glitches: Portrait Collages Through Time

With Obama voted in as the U.S. President for the next 4 years, now is the time to reflect on our learning from the past. In doing so we can better navigate the future and make choices which will benefit us both today and tomorrow. What better way to find inspiration and learning than from the memories of Presidents from the past – in this case with art inspired by them. Paris based Olivier Ratsi has created a series of glitchy, collage like portraits of past U.S. leaders which he calls Once Upon a Time the Presidents.

Layered Portraits From the Fourth Dimension

It’s not often that we see collages which take us through four dimensions with a quick glance, leaving us not with just depth, but also with the passage of time. These complex and beautiful portraits from Brazilian artist Lucas Simões, explore the often forgotten aspect of time, taking multiple images of the same person and layering them into both organic and geometric sunken relief.

A Decaying Fantasy World of Composite Photos

It’s hard to tell fiction from reality in these dreamlike photo compositions by Jim Kazanjian. Each looks as if pieces of the world have been drawn together by some unknowable force, colliding in a dark world of smoke, fire and water.