Philosophy Posters: Beautiful and Inspiring Words

Sometimes all it takes for us to have that ‘aha’ moment, that revelatory kernel of truth that wakes us up and sends us in the right direction, is one sentence spoken clearly and concisely. These posters do just that, capturing some of the wisdom written by the great philosophers that have gone before us, those who explored the far boundaries of human understanding and wisdom. The bold, black and white typography against a newsprint like halftone, is just the right look for such truthful statements strongly said.

Philographics: The Artwork of GEX

Philosophy isn’t a lot of people’s strongest mental attribute, and London based graphic designer Genis Carreras — aka GEX — knows that people forget their —ism’s, so he came up with a clever and minimally designed way to help you remember each philosophy. His Philographics minimalist poster series, are a playful set of posters that explain philosophical belief systems using basic shapes, bright colors, a rad font, and a brief description of what each belief entails.

Mr. Happy Man: 88 Year Old Shares Daily Love

When people first encounter 88 year old Johnny Barnes, standing on a traffic island, waving his arms and blowing kisses at the many cars driving by, they probably wonder about his sanity. Yet, this charming and youthful fellow has more wisdom to share about life and love than almost anyone you’ll encounter. Each day, Barnes spends 6 hours, rain or shine, waving to cars, sharing love with passerby and doing his very best to better the world through his presence. In the beautiful film below, you’ll find he’s far from crazy, but rather has a beautiful and simple philosophy on life from which we can all learn.

Choose Your World View: A Flowchart

If you’ve ever wondered just how to classify your world view or religion, this flow chart could help. Like a philosophical choose your own adventure (with eternity potentially at stake) this chart starts with the simple question – “Do you believe in God?”

While the graphic isn’t entirely unbiased and some of the conclusions have a decidedly Christian slant (it was created by FEVA Ministries, a Christian organization dedicated to visual arts), it does provide an interesting look at many of the decisions that lead to our view of the life beyond this one. Any philosophy majors care to weigh in?

The Shape of Design: It’s How We Define It

What exactly is design and how would we define it? Is it making something function well or making it look good? Graphic designer, illustrator and educator, Frank Chimero speaks at the Build Conference about historical views of design and the great importance of knowing many things outside of the field. Design is more a vessel than an object, he says, it’s primary worth being what it holds.