We Have a Winner: Steve Kardynal’s Chatroulette Performance of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

In case your Christmas needs a few more laughs, here’s Chatroulette like you’ve never seen it… and that’s saying a LOT. Steve Kardynal, known as a Chatroulette Performer decided to vamp it up for the unsuspecting masses of the internet, performing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Rural Academy Theater: Horse Pulled Theatre Troupe Tours the Mountains of North Carolina

01 rural academy

“We wanted to tour at a more human pace and perform in small towns,“ says co-founder Gabriel Harrell. He explains that the typical experience of touring with theater companies involves bouncing between major cities. For him, this is “a way to celebrate the rural, and celebrate small-town life and culture.”

At the lumbering speed of 2.5 miles per hour, the Rural Academy Theater is making their second tour through Western North Carolina. The horse-drawn performance troupe loads all of its supplies, instruments and equipment into a wagon-trailer while a few bicyclists ride alongside the caravan to scout roads and rest stops. Part gypsy, part nouveau vagabond, the troop puts on quite the performance, both on stage and off.

An Amazing Japanese Contact Juggler

Hey children of the 80s: remember that part in the movie Labyrinth when David Bowie starts magically juggling those clear orbs? That’s not magic, it’s a technique called contact juggling… and when done right, it looks just about like the rolling balls are glued to your body. In this beautiful example, a man at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival Championship wows the crowd with a 6 minutes set – but not before first impressing them by his mesmerizing skills using just one white orb.

If New York Was A Musical: Dancers Among Us

If New York City was suddenly turned into a musical, it would look a lot like Jordan Matters photo series, The Dancers Among Us. Using flexible, high jumping people from the dance world, he photographed them in famous locations all over the city, leaving observers enthralled and wondering. The juxtoposition of these dancers in such extreme positions of flight and extension, combined with everyday street life makes for a magical world where we expect something wonderful and hopeful around each corner.

Jennifer Rubell Makes Art with Food

Jennifer Rubell creates large art events made of food that are by their nature self-catered. Her participatory installations are a performance as well as a happening where she “paints” walls with cotton candy, covers walls with 1,521 donuts and invites participants to smash gigantic piñatas. Without giving any instructions or guidance to those involved, her projects deconstruct the normal ritual of eating and re-order our experience into one where we can explore our food relationships with new eyes and tastebuds.

Caulking Gun Painting with Tramaine de Senna

Contemporary artist Tramaine de Senna creates sexy and sometimes shocking work. Here she shows off her skills painting all night with a caulking gun, applying layer after layer in intricate patterns, “like buttercream frosting.”

Her other work includes performance art, paintings of meat and in her Repulsion Decoration series, artsy hair-adorned wall hangings. In her Speed Bump Mannequins, a recent drawing series, time exists like a filmstrip — mirror-like images of the same person are drawn in altering chronological sequences.  Body Building Bunnies Series 1 and 2, her recent investigations, show juxtaposed images of the same person, as if they were double exposed film. They exist simultaneously, drawn atop each other in the same dimension, defying linear time.