Incredibly Detailed Illustrations from PEZ’s 2014 Sketchbook

French illustrator PEZ (aka Pierre-Yves Riveau) has shared pages from his 2014 sketchbook, and it’s stunning work. The Nantes-based artist fills the pages of his 17×25 cm spiral bound book with impeccably detailed fantasy, each with his signature street-art aesthetic. Working in graphite and colored pencil, his wide-range of subjects journey all the way from the humorous and beautiful, to the political and grotesque.

Visual Bits #461 > In Need Of Comic Relief: Illustrations

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Visual Bits #442 > Falling Into The Surreal: Paintings

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Visual Bits #418 > We Are Animals: Illustrations

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Visual Bits #343 > Illustrating A Connection

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Visual Bits #303 > Trick Or Treat!

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Visual Bits #297 > I’m A Party Animal

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Mysterious Heads: New Work from Stefan Zsaitsits

If you’ve ever felt like your head was stuck in the clouds, the characters of Stefan Zsaitsits can surely relate. His enigmatic figures each tell an imaginative story through their mysteriously drawn heads. Some morph into mountain ranges, others turn into geometric cubes and some even disappear. The simple style of his pencil based illustrations, childlike in their playfulness, belies the deeper aspects of the works and the vast imagination embodied in each.

What Does a Rabbit Dream About?

You don’t get much more surreal than the illustrations of Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono. Like a strange dream from the mind of a sleeping rabbit, nearly all his works feature the cuddly, long eared creatures in some state of unreal transformation… the kind only seen when your subconscious mind is at work. In one good example, a rabbit wearing one-piece pajamas floats into the air while a house grows from the top of his head, ears springing from its windows. As if the house itself is alive, an eye and ears sprout from its walls. The rabbit itself, with a serenely peaceful look on its face, waves a crystal pendent while books spring from the zipper in its clothing. Are these stories the source of the drawings inspiration?

Art in Everyday Life: Realistic Drawings of Stylish Men

Often when we observe everyday life we miss out on the incredible art contained in each fleeting moment. When we take away the distracting background however, that art springs forth, revealing the simple beauty that was always hidden there. This is what artist Brian Boulton does in his highly realistic pencil drawings. Taking a common sight for any city dweller, Boulton draws the view you’d see walking behind young men in the city, revealing a surprising amount of character and style in each individual, from their torn jeans to their classically relaxed postures.