Handwritten Movie Scripts & Lyrics Become Portraits

Mike Matola 1

Remember the good old days when it was not considered corporal punishment to have a student write out “I will not be late to class” five hundred times? Although it may look like this is what’s going on in these hand-written posters by Mike Matola, I assure you it’s voluntary. To create images of musical and movie icons, Matola writes out lyrics and film scripts leaving blank spaces to reveal the musicians or actors. For the posters of Paul, John, Ringo, & George, Matola wrote the complete lyrics of seven Beatles’ albums across the four portraits. For his poster of Jack Nichlolson in The Shining, he appropriately repeated the famous line, “All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy.” While it may seem like tedious work, the LineByLine posters look awesome and are available for purchase on Etsy. See Matola’s latest poster in the making: Pulp Fiction after the jump!

Tumblr Treasures- Manuscripts from Historical Icons

As we move further and further away from the need for a pen and paper, with cell phones capable of handling our daily checklists, emails more common than writing a letter, and the ease of editing the drafts of a paper on a computer, hand-written manuscripts are becoming a thing of the past. This week’s Tumblr Treasure is a historical trip to the times when you could recognize a friend by his handwriting. F*** Yeah Manuscripts is a Tumblr compilation of manuscripts and other hand-written treasures from some of the greatest authors and occasional historical figures of all time. After you’ve scrolled through our tiny collection, be sure to show them some Tumblr love by clicking on the link above and check out the Visual News Tumblr while you’re at it!