Remember Those Artists Who Were Connecting With Andy Warhol’s Spirit? Here’s What Happened.


In October we told you about a project to bring back the spirit of Andy Warhol at an exceptionally unique NYC nightlife experience. Well, it happened, and it was as bizarre and avant-garde as we’d hoped. Andy Warhol would be pleased.

New Music Video Shot at Nights by Absolut in New York City, Feat. Magic! “Rude” (Zedd Remix)

With their new Nights by Absolut initiative, Absolut is infusing creativity into nightlife events and bringing cutting edge audio/visual artists into the mix (like earlier this month when they teamed up with Andy Warhol). At their inaugural event in New York City on September 12, Absolut collaborated with the team at Vita Motus to create an all-encompassing experience on the waterfront of Brooklyn – not to mention a stunning display by the New York City skyline. This video, filmed while the event was going down, features the Zedd Remix of Magic!’s “Rude”. Don’t miss another night, check out what’s happening at

Addicted To Your Phone? Try These Signal Deflecting Clothes On For Size

In an age dominated by likes, tweets, and a constant flow of texts, it can be tough to take a break from technology. However, Japanese conceptual fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga comes to the rescue with modern clothing that will force you to tear your eyes away from your iPhone. Morinaga’s newest garment collection, FOCUS, is crafted from fibers that deflect electromagnetic waves and thus render your phone completely unusable. 

Visual Bits #297 > I’m A Party Animal

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Young Republican Women Partying Hard

Remember the good old days? The days when instead of playing scrabble and angry birds on your phone you just smoked, played poker and enjoyed a good striptease show? You don’t do you? Well, the ladies of the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, Connecticut sure do!

What To Do On Your Lunch Hour? Have a Dance Party!

People go to work, bring their lunches with them or eat out, and after a while it becomes… well, normal. It can be easy to get into the routine of work, eat, work, go home and it feels like the days weren’t as exciting as you wish they would be.

Meet LunchBeat, a lunch hour dance party that started a little over a year ago in Sweden. With the objective to re-energize oneself and brighten up the routine workday, a group of Swedes organized the first dance party in an underground parking lot during their one hour lunch break. The rules? If you go, you have to dance. What’s the point in going if you’re not going to shake it?

The Morning After: German Clubs After Everyone Leaves

A couple of German students from Hamburg decided to start a photography project. They wanted to take photos of well known German nightclubs after everyone had spent a heavy night of dancing, drinking and partying. Taking the shots in the early morning after everyone had left, they aptly named the art project The Morning After.

Documenting the San Francisco Rave Scene

If you were around San Francisco in the 90’s, it was impossible to escape the colorful, joyous parties of the exploding rave scene. The influence these massive parties had was world wide, still reverberates today and for many was a life changing experience. Now the creative crew at are working on a full length documentary, focusing on the people that experienced those events firsthand and had their lives shaped by the hopeful, yet often misunderstood movement.

Eclectic Method: Live Video Remixers

Eclectic Method is a group of three video remix artists who do for motion pictures, music videos and video games what DJs do for beats. You can view their high-tech mash-ups online, on TV or at the club, which they have featured as promotional tools for global brands and artists.

An exhilarating live performance with an international scope, Eclectic Method has rocked over 350 gigs in over 100 Cities in 34 Countries on 6 continents. Be sure to check out the last video on this page to see the method behind this audio/visual madness and check out their site,, for upcoming live dates.

Party On! Lightning in a Bottle 2011

Looking for a wild and inspiring festival? Look no further than the decade old, Lightning in a Bottle. Happening May 27th through 30th in Irvine, California, there will be fire dancers, circus shows, yoga, extravagant music performances and plenty of chances to dance your ass off. With an environmental policy of “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful,” it’s also a party you can go home feeling good about. See you there!