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It’s Not Taxidermy! It’s Awesome Avian Paper Craft Art

Friday 07.18.2014 , Posted by
1 Diana Beltran Herrera Paper Sculpture

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera transforms colored paper into realistic-looking life-sized birds. She creates the paper sculptures by hand based off of photographs that she has re-sized. With incredible attention to detail, her sculptures look exactly like taxidermy. She has created numerous species for Longwood Gardens, a botanical garden in Pennsylvania, several birds of Florida for The Cornell Fine Arts Museum, as well as exotic birds and state birds for the least populous states. [Read more…]


Heading to SXSW? Check Out Column Five’s Unreal Paper Craft Animation

Friday 03.07.2014 , Posted by

The crafty people at Column Five now have offices in California and New York, so what better way to announce their country spanning convergence on SXSW this week than this stellar paper craft animation? Whether you prefer mustard covered hot dogs, fresh zesty tacos or a juicy rack of ribs, the short animation will keep your eyes well pleased and your stomach… well… fiber filled. It’s paper after all. [Read more…]


Paper Goes Viral: Cellular Sculptures By Charles Clary

Monday 10.21.2013 , Posted by


Germs never looked so clean-cut until they met artist Charles Clary. A painter and papercrafting artist originally from Tennessee, Clary uses an Xacto knife to dissect hundreds of colorful sheets, which he stacks to create beautiful molecular reliefs. Resembling delicate microbial colonies that contaminate the walls they touch–while simultaneously evoking sound waves, fractals, and topographical landscapes–his works transform simple two-dimensional surfaces into pulsing, surreal structures.  [Read more…]


Origami and Pokemon? A Perfect Match!

Wednesday 07.10.2013 , Posted by

Jobe Brown Paper Art 15

Young Canadian artist Jobe Brown has an obsession with fantasy and paper. It’s a happy combination which sees him folding 3D characters from hits like Harry Potter, Spongebob Squarepants and Pokemon in his uniquely patterned style of origami. He’s made a winged Golden Snitch, Mr Krabs and a load of Pokemon characters (gotta catch ‘em all!), each one cleverly redesigned to fit the modular methods he uses to create them. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #453 > Paper Art And Other Creative Works

Tuesday 06.11.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more…]


Intricate Paper Cutouts by Hand on Rice Paper

Friday 05.03.2013 , Posted by

Bovey Lee 7

I am in complete awe of these delicate paper cutouts by Philly-based artist Bovey Lee. With the steadiness of a surgeon, she carves unbelievably detailed designs, patterns, and storyscapes into rice paper then backs them with silk- no laser cutters necessary! Although it looks like she has spent a lifetime mastering this technique, Lee has only been doing it since 2005. Her steady hand could be attributed to the Chinese calligraphy she practiced from the age of ten, growing up in Hong Kong. Lee’s imaginative designs blend fantasy with reality and her delicate execution is remarkable. [Read more…]


105 World Artists Decorate Paper Dogs

Saturday 04.27.2013 , Posted by

lazerian gerald paper dog project 14

If you gave 100 artists the same square canvas’ and told them to paint them, what you got back would be a lot of square paintings. In a similar way, British design studio Lazerian is doing the same thing… only they are doing it with paper dogs. Nicknamed “Gerald” their pointer like pup has been passed around to artists world-wide (with a head nod to the now classic CowParade), creating a pack of colorful and creative dogs for people to collect and assemble themselves. [Read more…]


That’s Not a Chair, It’s a Paper Sculpture

Saturday 03.09.2013 , Posted by

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 1

You might be surprised if you plop down on the comfortable looking classic armchair pictured above; that’s because it’s made entirely out of thin sheets of paper. These exquisitely crafted sculptures from Los Angeles based artist Vincent Tomczyk seem to break all the rules of possibility, representing objects from a soft white dress shirt, to an iconic Eames chair with almost perfect accuracy. His gossamer creations are beautiful to behold. [Read more…]


Still Lifes From a Master of Paper

Monday 10.29.2012 , Posted by

At first glance these still life photographs don’t look much different than the works of masters from the past – you could imagine Diego Velázquez, Juan Sánchez Cotán or Balthasar van der Ast creating such images in the heyday of still life painting. But, in these images something surprising quickly makes itself apparent: much of the scene is made from paper. [Read more…]


Beautifully Detailed Paper Models You Can Build

Thursday 09.27.2012 , Posted by

When I ran across these tiny models recently at London’s Design Junction, I couldn’t believe how detailed they were… each looked like a small jewel of clever design. Most people are accustomed to finely detailed plastic models, but these seemed to convey the same sense of precision using only eco-friendly recycled paper. Looking closely at the vehicles in the lineup you’ll notice that their structure is built up with carefully planned ribs which are slotted together to create 3D forms. These range from round rally car wheels to opening Jeep doors and articulated bulldozer scoops. It’s really quite impressive. [Read more…]

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