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It Took Over 1000 Light Paintings to Create This Impressive Video

Friday 01.23.2015 , Posted by

Darren Pearson, aka Darius Twin, takes us on a trip to the Photon Zoo in his mesmerizing video Lightspeed. The last time we featured the Los Angeles-based light artist he was creating glowing dinosaurs in mid-air. Now he’s put his art in motion, which is no small feat when you consider how it’s made. For each frame you see here, Darius Twin takes a long exposure photograph and draws the entire camel, snake, dolphin, etc. Think about drawing something repeatedly, in mid-air, in darkness, and you get how impressive that is. [Read more…]


What Is Real and What is Magic? Masterful Illusions Painted by Robert Gonsalves

Tuesday 01.20.2015 , Posted by
Rob Gonsalves 2

Almost nothing is as it seems in Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves’ surreal paintings. Look at them from one perspective and they’re one thing, but from another an entirely different scene emerges. His witty and inspired creations are filled with masterful illusions that keep you guessing at what is real. [Read more…]


The Animal Kingdom, Hidden on the Form of the Human Body

Tuesday 01.20.2015 , Posted by
Incredible body art work

We have done our share of posts on body painters, from Moran Newman, to Cecilia Paredes and Johannes Stötter, but Shannon Holt brings out the animal in us like no one else. The Florida-based artist embarked on a painting exploration that involved testing different surfaces on which to paint animals – and it was her last experiment that revealed her final destination. [Read more…]


Portraits of World Leaders as Hipsters

Monday 01.05.2015 , Posted by
Hipster Leaders 2

Artist Amit Shimoni often found himself thinking about the motivations and beliefs of the world’s leaders, past and present. Then he wondered, how did they compare to the millennial generation? Taking particular notice of a millennial’s consideration for fashion and style, and decided to create a series of some of these famous leaders from the past in “hipster” fashion. [Read more…]


Amy Bennett Builds Miniature Worlds, Then Paints The Life of the People that Inhabit Them

Friday 01.02.2015 , Posted by
Amy Bennett 1

If you’re wondering how artist Amy Bennett achieves the unusual appearance of her paintings, it’s because she has an incredibly unusual technique. Bennett creates expansive 3D models using cardboard, foam, wood, paint, glue, and model railroad miniatures, then photographs the tiny worlds and paints the results in oil on panel. [Read more…]


Kevin Peterson Paints Innocence in a Sometimes Difficult World

Wednesday 11.26.2014 , Posted by

Children are so innocent when they are young, but as they grow up in the wild world, they discover the behaviors of the humans who have lived longer. It’s hard to hold on to that sweetness once possessed. Artist Kevin Peterson explores this contrast, painting the innocence of a young girl growing up in a broken world. On his large canvases, we see young girls in their pretty dresses against a harsh backdrop of concrete walls covered with graffiti and worn posters. [Read more…]


Nick Gentry Paints Striking Portraits on Old Film Negatives

Monday 11.03.2014 , Posted by
Nick Gentry Negative Paintings 1

If these images look familiar, it’s because you’ve seen the media remixing work of Nick Gentry before. The last time we featured the London-based artist, he’d painted impressive portraits on discarded floppy disks, perfectly matching each figure to the square/round shape of the digital format. Now he’s created a series of portraits that continue his passion for repurposing defunct media, using old film negatives as a striking gossamer canvas. [Read more…]


Window Illusions on the Streets of Istanbul

Thursday 10.23.2014 , Posted by
Pejac Illusory Street Art 1

Spanish street artist Pejac recently took a trip to Istanbul, using his time there to give the city a few new windows (in his own illusory street art style of course). His work fits seamlessly into the local architecture and would probably be missed if they weren’t so interesting and different. While in the ancient city, he created a piece that looks like a keyhole, a gothic arched window, and a tiny window with massive wooden shutters. [Read more…]


Emulsifier: An Anamorphic Painting on 160 Glass Strips

Friday 10.17.2014 , Posted by

Artist Thomas Medicus hand-painted 160 glass strips to create an anamorphic sculpture/painting which transforms from one image to another as it rotates. From fish to bird, machine to animal, the meticulously crafted piece only gives you a clear view of the painted images from 4 vantage points, leaving all others a jumble of miss-matched pieces. It’s truly special to behold. [Read more…]


Watch Fabian Oefner Cover a New Ferrari in Glowing Paint

Thursday 10.09.2014 , Posted by
Fabian Oefner Ferrari 1

This isn’t your everyday paint job. Artist Fabian Oefner (featured previously) recently worked with Ferrari on a project that would see their 2015 California T covered in streaks of glowing paint. First he traveled to the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy, where he test drove the new car [Read more…]

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