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An Enchanting Body Art by Moran Newman

Monday 07.21.2014 , Posted by
Moran newman Body Art Amazing 00

In the world of body painting a dynamic artist is emerging, turning the skin of a human body into magical realms of color and form. Based in Ein Vered, Israel, her name is Moran Newman and is widely considered one the best body painters in the country. She recently participated in the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria and is currently on a painting tour in Europe. [Read more...]


Beautiful Baby Bump Paintings Pamper Mom While Welcoming Baby

Sunday 07.13.2014 , Posted by

Children love having their faces painted, but why should they have all the fun? There would be no children if it weren’t for their mothers, so UK based artist Carrie Preston has found a way to celebrate the miracle of life that happens inside of a mother’s belly. She explains, “I paint bumps! It may seem completely mad to some people, in fact some even go as far to describe it as vulgar. I personally see it as beautiful. Painting a pregnant bump allows you to freely express yourself, it’s fun and relaxing.” Based in the UK, Preston has painted over 130 baby bumps and counting. From Disney movie scenes to kangaroo pouches, the cosmos, and special holiday themes she spends around 2 hours on each bump. [Read more...]


Personal Mythologies Explore the Banal & Bizarre

Thursday 07.03.2014 , Posted by
Ben Smith Paintings 1

Ben Smith’s paintings take the ordinary, even the banal, and transforms it into something curious and unique. Many of his works are portraits, but far from recording reality, they touch on the surreal by adding multiples of the subject, other strangely placed characters, or even conjoined creatures that are obliquely interacted with. In short, his subjects are experiencing something pretty far out. [Read more...]


The International Buffalo Bodypainting Festival in China

Tuesday 06.24.2014 , Posted by

Later this week, the World Bodypainting Festival begins in Austria, but last month a similar competition took place in the southern hills of China: Buffalo Painting. Located in Jiangcheng county, the annual International Buffalo Bodypainting competition coincides with the region’s founding. This year marked the 60th anniversary for Jiangcheng, and a total of 48 water buffaloes got “dressed” for the occasion. [Read more...]


Get Back in Black With Fluorescent Paintings By John Poppleton

Friday 06.20.2014 , Posted by

Many go to great lengths to achieve a healthy glow, and the models behind John Poppleton’s “Bodyscapes” get a little extra help. In his special blacklight studio, the artist uses fluorescent pigments to paint dramatic au natural landscapes on female bodies. When illuminated with a blacklight, the illustrations emit an eerie, majestic glow, powerfully evoking the drama of radiant sunsets, crashing waterfalls, and shimmering constellations.  [Read more...]


Everyday Objects Transformed into Whimsical Characters

Tuesday 06.17.2014 , Posted by
Gilbert Legrand Sculpture 14

If everywhere you look there are faces staring back, you’re not alone. For the past 10 years French artist Gilbert Legrand has been finding the hidden characters in everyday objects and revealing them with paint. His whimsical vision sees all sorts of household objects become things they were not: a coat hanger becomes a mouse sporting shoes; a paintbrush transforms into a teen with an attitude (and a wicked hairdo); and the blades of some scissors get amorous. [Read more...]


8-Bit Watercolors of Famous Paintings

Friday 06.06.2014 , Posted by
8-bit watercolors of famous paintings Adam Lister 2

Somewhere in an alternate universe, the 8-bit graphics from old Nintendo and Atari games are meeting up with classic painters… or maybe that universe is right here. Adam Lister creates incredible reinterpretations of famous paintings, painters, pop icons and art world events using watercolors sectioned into distinctly retro digital forms. It’s a fun and revealing way to view the classics. [Read more...]


Tiny Portraits Hidden in the Trees

Tuesday 05.20.2014 , Posted by
Jana & Js People in the Woods 3

While out for walks in the woods with their little son, Austrian/French artists Jana and Js have been painting the circles left by cut tree limbs. They provide the perfect cozy setting for their particularly friendly and introspective form of street art – one that emphasizes family, community and the human spirit. Does this off street work qualify them as “trail artists”? [Read more...]


Steph Hanlon’s Painterly Tattoos Are Fine Art for Your Skin

Friday 05.02.2014 , Posted by
Steph Hanlon Tattoos 1

Seattle tattoo artist Steph Hanlon is making art for your skin. Her eclectic mix of styles range from contemporary, to modern and classic, creating pieces that can appear to be everything from a brushed on watercolor to a fine pen illustration. It’s quite a combination, but that’s the way she likes it. [Read more...]


Paint the Town Red… and Blue, and Green. A Mexican Town Gets a Colorful Makeover

Thursday 05.01.2014 , Posted by
Boa Mistura 10

The neighborhood of Colonia Las Americas in Querétaro, México is getting a colorful makeover. The first phase of the project began last November when neighbors and local volunteers started painting the community with the direction of urban art collective Boa Mistura. [Read more...]

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