Kevin Peterson Paints Innocence in a Sometimes Difficult World

Children are so innocent when they are young, but as they grow up in the wild world, they discover the behaviors of the humans who have lived longer. It’s hard to hold on to that sweetness once possessed. Artist Kevin Peterson explores this contrast, painting the innocence of a young girl growing up in a broken world. On his large canvases, we see young girls in their pretty dresses against a harsh backdrop of concrete walls covered with graffiti and worn posters.

Personal Mythologies Explore the Banal & Bizarre

Ben Smith’s paintings take the ordinary, even the banal, and transforms it into something curious and unique. Many of his works are portraits, but far from recording reality, they touch on the surreal by adding multiples of the subject, other strangely placed characters, or even conjoined creatures that are obliquely interacted with. In short, his subjects are experiencing something pretty far out.

Hyperrealistic Pastel portraits look like real photographs


In the beautiful town of Seville, Spain comes a young artist who uses pastel sticks and crayons to create amazing hyper-realistic portraits. His name is Ruben Belloso Adorna and after studying fine arts at the University of Seville, he has already been able to make a name for himself in the sometimes exclusive art world. His work speaks for itself as one continues to second guess whether his works are photographs or not.

The Bizarre, Surreal Worlds of Painter Jung-Yeon Min

Jung-Yeon Min Paintings header

Her work rides a fine line between the grotesque and the beautiful, at once begging us to explore deeper and at the same time frightening us with what we find. Korean born, Paris based Jung-Yeon Min creates elaborate landscapes filled with organic, globular forms that resemble things as lovely as clouds and as revolting as innards. Like multiple worlds layered on top of each other, geometric forms and elements of reality weave their way into the scene – from polar bears and humans, to distant mountain ranges and lost luggage. It’s a world of the strange and the familiar.

Horse Paintings Leap into Color

Yahena Pasha Horse Paintings 7

Horses have been a part of Yaheya Pasha’s family background for generations. Not only did her parents grow up with horses, but her grandfather was an avid horseman and polo player in India. Now, with her own love for art, she has translated her families passion into fine equestrian paintings which capture the movement of the horse through clean lines, and brilliant colors.

Robots and Donuts Join Forces

arthur trippy 1

Eric Joyner has made a name for himself over the past few years with his signature Robot and Donuts series of paintings. In his works, he depicts retro robots exploring and participating in a variety of activities… but somewhere in the painting donuts are incorporated. So, why Robots and Donuts? In his interview with Electix, Eric says:

Four-Eyed Cats are Creepy… Like Real Cats

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 3

Without even trying, cats can be really creepy at times. Well actually, maybe they are trying. They run maniacally around the house for seemingly no reason; they hide in boxes for us to find them; and most disconcertingly, they stare at us with those big, glowing, curious eyes. Artist Casey Weldon knows this so he’s lately been creating cat paintings with double the creepiness – cats with four eyes.

Bizarre Portraits from a Patterned Dream


If you combined the work of Salvador Dali with those Magic Eye books, you might have something close to the paintings of Canadian artist Sascha Braunig. Her works embody the unique duality of at once being highly beautiful and highly disturbing. They aren’t the type of things you want to see in your next dream or drug trip.

Galactic Time Travel With Alec Huxley

Have your dreams ever been influenced by a movie you were watching, or a book you were reading before you went to bed? Maybe you were watching Mad Men or Leave It To Beaver and flipped to the Sci-fi channel until your eyes became so heavy you never realized you dozed off… until you awoke with the most vivid dreams still intact in your memory. Perhaps you unintentionally combined the two stories creating something like a wild west alien invasion or a trip to the moon with June and Ward Cleaver. This example might be a little off the wall to some but that isn’t the case with San Franciscan artist Alec Huxley.

Gorgeous Geeky Art with An Electronic Beat

If there is one theme that pervades the fantastic artwork of painter Aaron Jasinski, it’s music. It’s not too surprising when you consider that he not only grew up surrounded by his family of musicians, but he now mixes some very excellent electronic beats himself — from ambient to dubstep. His works hit as many high notes as his music, with loads of pop culture references mingling with nostalgia, social commentary and even whimsical creatures… all rendered with what he calls a “Technicolor” palette. Each work seems to tell a complete story, easily standing on its own and drawing us in to his beautiful, if not geeky world.