Artist Uses Scientific Methods to Capture Paint in Motion

Swiss artist Fabian Oefner uses paint to show us the world—in the most unconventional ways. He creates colorful psychadelics pieces using scientific methods in an effort to shed light on the wonderful natural world. Utilizing high-speed photography, Oefner captures vibrant paints as they are distorted by forces of nature, such as wind, sound, magnetism, and centripetal forces.

Overlapping Worlds: Cinta Vidal’s Unique Paintings Show the Dimensions of Our Lives

Not only do our lives coexist with millions of others on this planet, we also have overlapping dimensions of our own lives. From work, to family, core relationships, ambitions, and passions, we have many different realities swirling around us. Painter Cinta Vidal Agulló attempts to express this sentiment in her gravity-defying paintings. The Barcelona-based artist uses acrylic paint on wooden panels to create scenes that show the intersection of multiple experiences. Like a colorful, more lively 3D rendition of M.C. Escher’s House of Stairs, the paintings entertain the brain and understanding her purpose opens the mind for philosophical pondering.

Puffy Paint is Not Just for 80’s T-Shirts. Check Out These Designer Sunglasses by Puffdotty.

A few days ago I was on the beach in Santa Monica and I saw a guy wearing the most amazing sunglasses. I had to know more about them so I started talking to him and learned that he made them himself there are plenty more where those came from. Puffdotty makes festival shades by layering awesome puffy paint designs onto plastic frames. Future forward and functional, these sunglasses are the perfect topping to any outfit.

Evolve: Amazing Animation Made From Paint

Based in Trinidad, Annelie Solis expresses her truth on the canvas. Painting spiritual visions of awakening and awareness this young artist is wise beyond her years. She paints from her heart- the visions that come to her when her mind is most clear. A visionary painter, Solis’ works share a common theme of opening our third eyes and perceive more than the sensory world.

Solis explains:

Art is more than visually pleasing images. Art speaks to the subconscious mind in a language the conscious mind does not understand – indeed does not even hear. In this way artists have unimaginable power. It is this understanding that guides my current work.

Check out her amazing video below, then see more work by Annelie Solis on Tumblr, make a purchase on Society6, and follow her on Facebook.

Below you will find Annelie paintings and click here for an audio interview with her.

2 Annelie Soils

Swept Away: The Stunning, Temporary Sand Paintings of Joe Mangrum

There’s a new sandman in town, and this one doesn’t sprinkle magical sand in children’s eyes as they sleep. Joe Mangrum creates beautiful murals on the ground, painting with the ephemeral medium of colored sand. He has sprinkled his masterpieces on the streets of Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and even Sesame Street. Creating vibrant, kaleidoscopic images as sand falls from his hand, Mangrum improvises the designs as he goes, never fully knowing what the final product will look like until it’s finished. After the jump, check out the time lapse video below of Mangrum creating a piece for the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.

Twisted High Speed Photography: Tools & Toys Spinning In Colorful Paint


Using a custom-built machine called the Spinster that he created, photographer Peter Schafrick creates epic images of centrifugal force at its finest. By placing toys and tools on the Spinster and squirting paint on them with turkey basters, he creates swirly, colorful fun that he captures at just the right moment with a high speed camera. From doll heads to wrenches, Schafrick and his equipment add a new level of excitement to normally mundane objects.



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Black Hole: Paint in Motion by Fabian Oefner


Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner’s latest project is sure to impress with its vibrant and colorful paints in motion. Titled “Black Hole,” Fabian added acrylic paints to a metal rod which he then connected to a drill. He got his camera ready, turned the drill on and voilà! He captured the images of the paint in its initial motion before flying all over the place. While a simple technique overall, the results are stunning and visually enjoyable.

Painted Wood Chips Become Pixelated Sculptures

1 Pixelated Sculptures by Shawn Smith

HD television has gotten so crisp that sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are just looking at pixelated light. When we are watching NatGeo it really feels like we are looking at a real animal in nature. Shawn Smith uses this fine line between reality and the digital world as the primary investigation for his art work. By cutting sheets of plywood or particle board into 1/2″ wide strips of varying lengths, then dying them different colors with hand-mixed dyes of ink and acrylic paint, he transforms an image into a 3-dimensional pixelated sculpture. Smith states, “Through the process of pixelation, color is distilled, some bits of information are lost, and the form is abstracted. Making the intangible tangible, I view my building process as an experiment in alchemy, using man-made composite and recycled materials to represent natural forms.”

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