Understanding The Creative Battle: Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’

Anybody who works in the arts knows that to create art is to struggle. We must struggle against our medium and ourselves in order to do our best work. There is something about the creative mind that makes it hard to create. This is a conundrum that is inextricably linked to the process.

Some artists, as I described in my post on Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals, understand this struggle and create systems of strict discipline to combat it. Others (I would include myself in this category) are more chaotic and disorganized in their creative habits, and while sometimes thriving off of this chaos, also know it can be a major hindrance to their ability to do consistent work.

Micromachina: Real Insects Become Miniature Machines

A world of gigantic mechanized insects comes to life before our eyes. Tiny scientists inspect gears within their robot-like beasts, fine tuning their components as they prepare them for work in some imaginary world. The tiny models are the work of artist Scott Bain, who creates each bizarre piece using actual insects like some entomologist with an obsession for the mechanical. The models are fascinating on their own… but they have a message far larger than their scale.

Innovation Barometer: Business Execs Weigh In

Now this is a great way to visualize a survey. For the second year running, GE has asked senior business executives the world over (2,800 to be exact) to weigh in with their opinions on 5 different dimensions of innovation: the role of government, new models of innovation, spurring innovation, innovation culture, innovation actors and optimism from innovation.

ONE: An Art Piece Brings Inspiration to Occupy

Three years ago, Sandy Parsons started creating her epically large collage titled “ONE.” Inspired by ten years of obsession with the multitude of issues depicted in the piece, as well as authors such as Derrick Jensen of Endgame fame, the piece is a wonderfully bold assimilation of important issues. Since the pieces completion in 2009, Parsons says the piece has taken on a life of its own, becoming more and more relevant as world events, especially the Occupy Movement, begin to shape our planet. What does “ONE” mean?

Brandversation: When Corporate Logos Meet

Duking it out every day with advertising designed to make their brand look the best, these mash-ups of ubiquitous corporate logos beg the question: just how different are major brands like Coke and Pepsi? The series, titled Brandversation, remakes the logos of famous companies using the logo from their arch rival as the paintbrush. Company slogans are also reversed, bringing to light the possibility that, in many minds, they may be just as appropriate for either business. The brain child of Romanian graphic designer Stefan Asafti, you can find more of his work on behance.net.