The Unselfish Reasons Why People Write Online Reviews

We’ve all been out looking for a new restaurant or service to try, and when we see reviews online, it lets us know people are talking about them — good or bad. With so much content, services, and businesses out there (especially on the web) more and more consumers are flocking to online review sites, forums and apps to share their opinions. As we’ve all learned from social media, people like to talk, and they like to share… so it’s a logical conclusion that the best way for people to get their opinions heard and share their experiences with the masses is by posting their reviews of businesses here online.

The Generation Gap In Computer Security

Our lives are hurtling faster and deeper into the new digital world we’re creating. Now, with the broad adoption of digital media and social networking, combined with an increasing amount of sensitive data being stored online, personal security is becoming more important than ever. As with most things in life, the importance of computer security increases in priority with age. Different generations understand the problem of online security differently, but does the younger and more tech-savvy Gen Y user  manage computer security more effectively, or does the more mature baby boomers guard their personal information and data better?

How Much Data is Created Every Minute?

The Internet has become a place where massive amounts of information and data are being generated every day. Big data isn’t just some abstract concept created by the IT crowd, but a continually growing stream of digital activity pulsating through cables and airwaves across the world. This data never sleeps: every minute giant amounts of it are being generated from every phone, website and application across the Internet. The question: how much is created, and where does it all come from?

How Is The Newspaper Industry Trying to Save Itself?

The newspaper industry has been witnessing its profit margins continue to drop over the past few years. They previously supported themselves through the old model of traditional delivery, on-street display and classified print advertisements, but as the digital landscape continues to grow, newspapers are quickly falling behind — with more than half of the industry’s ad revenue decreasing over the past few years. Check out this graphic to see what they’re doing to stop this loss of revenue, and take a look at their gradual move towards new profit models.

Online Strategy: A New Take on the Game of Risk

If you are a cartography buff, or really dig on some good old strategy gaming, then this game is for you. Like a new take on the classic board game Risk, the gaming site Major Command is quickly attracting a rabid fan-base of map hungry strategists from around the world. Their mission? Conquering the world by dominating their enemies.