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Playboy Models Retire Their Bunny Ears

Tuesday 10.23.2012 , Posted by

Based on the products that fill billboards and magazine pages, it’s safe to say that aging is a major concern for many women. Youth and beauty inevitably fade and for some this may feel like a loss of identity, for others it may be a source of empowerment. Robyn Twomey photographed some of the women, whose exceptional beauty once graced the pages of Playboy magazine, many decades later at a Reunion party in Las Vegas. See how these lovely ladies look long after they’ve retired their bunny ears. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #277> Spy With A Vintage Eye

Saturday 09.22.2012 , Posted by

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The Largest Apple Collection in Russia?

Tuesday 08.21.2012 , Posted by

It could be the largest collection of Apple products outside of the USA. Located in Russia, an avid collector by the name of Andrei Antonov has been collecting Apple computers, devices and other miscellaneous paraphernalia for over 30 years. His collection is impressive, almost as much as his passion for anything Apple produces. [Read more…]


It Is So Not Cool To Be Cool: Future Hipster

Saturday 02.11.2012 , Posted by

Here at Visual News we love to keep up with the trends. Some may call it “Hipster”…but we’d rather not label ourselves. This YouTube video, “Future Hipsters,” has received over 300,000 views since it was posted on February 7th…so we decided to get in on the action. If you haven’t already seen the video, you need to. It is a hilarious prediction of what will come of the hipsters in the year 2062! If shockingly enough you are not familiar with the term, Urban Dictionary might help you understand: [Read more…]


Campy Pop Culture Subway Posters From 70’s Japan

Monday 09.12.2011 , Posted by

These vintage subway posters from 1970’s and 1980’s Japan playfully use a host of pop culture icons to encourage proper etiquette while boarding and riding the countries many punctual trains. Charlie Chaplin’s fuhrer reminds us not to take up too much space, Superman wishes he hadn’t stepped in your gum and John Wayne lets us know when it’s smoke free time. This collection of posters is originally from the book Manner Poster 100, published in 1983. [Read more…]


Vintage Japanese Advertisements Go Pop!

Thursday 07.14.2011 , Posted by

This inspiring collection of vintage Japanese ads is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Just a small taste of the more than 5000 ads scanned by the excellent blog That’s Eurobeat, each in this sample ranges from about 1963 to 1978. Enjoy! [Read more…]