Atsushi Koyama’s Oil Paintings Combine Mechanical Drawings With Human Anatomy

With oil paint on a black canvas, Japanese artist Atsushi Koyama grants us access into a parallel world. The human form interacts with the machine aspects in a beautiful duality. In some pieces it looks as if the colorful machine parts are a blueprint for the human reality. Koyama often creates his work while listening to electronic music and it’s almost as if his paintings are also deconstructing that music.

Peek-A-Boo: Armenian Painter Reveals Beautiful Faces On Women’s Hands

1 Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

An oil painter since he was five years old, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a master on the canvas, holding his first solo exhibit at the ripe age of ten. Now well into his thirties, works by this Armenian artist are still just as awe-inspiring. In his latest Millenium series, Tsitoghdzyan created larger than life, photo realistic images that defy the natural world. Gorgeous, feminine faces emerge from the beautiful hands that attempt to hide them.

Double Vision: Paintings by Shaina Craft

paintings by shaina craft 1

Just try focusing while looking at these paintings from Shaina Craft… it’s a tough challenge. Her works mix at least two images together forming an figure that appears to be in motion, or possibly a photograph double exposed. At once, her subjects look in two directions, and while the images eventually reveal themselves through investigation, distinguishing between their two profiles is often difficult to decipher.

Fancy Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

Iris Scott 1

Though most of us have some experience with finger painting, it is usually a hobby left back in pre-school along with nap time, but Iris Scott has resurrected it in a beautiful way. After deciding to dramatically decrease her cost of living so that she could find time to paint every day, she moved to Taiwan and did exactly as she planned. But one day all of her brushes were dirty and she needed some yellow flowers, so rather than go outside in the excruciating heat, she used her fingertips and reached that a-ha moment that this is what she would do for the rest of her life. Wearing disposable gloves, Scott uses her fingers with oil paints on canvas to create vibrant, textured paintings with movement and depth. Her Thailand Collection was just on display at Cole Gallery in Edmonds, Washington. We hope that you will enjoy our interview with Iris Scott after the jump, then see more of her work on and Facebook.

The Wet Look: Oil Paintings by Jeremy Mann


San Francisco based artist Jeremy Mann receives his inspiration from his urban surrounding, painting a unique and dynamic city. His style is peculiar, as he uses various painting techniques on wood panels, infusing his compositions with vivid and atmospheric colors. Some of these techniques including surface staining, the use of solvents to wipe away paint, and the application of broad, grainy marks with an ink brayer roller.

Visual Bits #249> It’s Real, Hyperreal.

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The Big Lebowski: Oil Paintings Channel Classic Art

In many people’s minds, the Coen Brothers’ ‘Big Lebowski’ is the epitome of a classic film and recently artist Joe Forkan has taken this one step further, creating tributes to both the film and classic masterpieces. His project, The Lebowski Cycle, uses such works as Velazquez’s Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid and Carracci’s ‘The Baptism of Christ’ as inspiration for the scenes he has chosen to paint. The works do in fact have a distinctly classic look to them, bringing grandeur and poetry to a much loved film. See more of The Lebowski Cycle at

Imaginative Worlds of Biomorphic Shapes

Every time you look at one of James McCarthy’s oil paintings another detail pops out and surprises you. The high level of thoughtful detail in each of his works sets them appart and draws viewers in to explore. “I like to draw and paint spontaneous surreal biomorphic shapes but the landscape is just as important to me,” McCarthy says. “Depicting weather, time of day and especially seasons gives the painting a mood that one can empathize with.” For a closer look at his fine works, swing by

The Toys of Yesteryear in Realistic Paintings

For anyone raised in the early 80’s, these highly realistic paintings will bring back fond memories and probably your sweet tooth. From Fisher Price people to Gummy Bears, acclaimed artist Margaret Morrison reveals a touch of blissful youth with every stroke of her brush. For more on her tasty work, see

Put On Your Imagination Helmet

Australian artist Benjamin F. Guy has a recent set of oil paintings called HELM which capture just what it is to be a kid. Each painting features a child wearing an over-sized helmet from a popular anime, sci-fi or comics character. Check out Benjamin’s blog where he shows you the process of sketching his paintings.