Visual Bits #301 > Screamingly Intriguing Artworks

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Blue ‘Quadropus’ in a Stop-Motion Music Video

In this new music video for musician Wax Taylor’s song Time To Go, a crochet “quadropus” swims around the city, happily changing objects to its favorite color: blue. Pretty soon a lot of his world is its favorite hue… but not everything is working out perfectly. The piece was created by Oh Yeah Wow out of Australia. They’re the folks behind Gotye’s similarly cool video for Easy Way Out.

Grace and Diversity in Underwater Photography

Photographer Mark Laita has taken his superb eye beneath the waves to focus on the extraordinary creatures who inhabit the depths of the vast ocean. The collection which came out of these brilliant images is entitled Sea, and its purpose was to show “the grace and diversity of sea creatures reflected against the surface of their world.” Laita has succeeded in bringing the wonderment of the ocean and it’s mysterious creatures to life by taking these brightly colored subjects and placing them against a stark black backdrop, which helps to intensify the viewing experience