Get Money Out of Politics: American Anti-Corruption Act

The American Anti-Corruption Act

Whether you’re a conservative, liberal, anarchist, libertarian, Tea Party or Occupy supporter, we can all agree on one thing: money has become an all too important factor in the US political scene. Elections are no longer won, but instead bought. Wealthy banks get huge bailouts while the American people lose their homes and jobs. Between lobbyists, super-pacs and special interests, the one thing the government answers to is the almighty dollar.

The Great Skills Mismatch of Today’s Economy

Millions of jobs have been lost and buried under the economic rubble of 2008, with only a ‘Hail Marys’ hope of resuscitation in the current economic climate. What isn’t as obvious is, at the heart of today’s 8.6 percent unemployment rate, sits the greatest skills mismatch our economy has ever seen. We have many Americans still training (or waiting) for jobs in industries which aren’t coming back. The grave of these industries will soon firmly reside in the ashes of the roaringly irresponsible financial times of 2008, with no hope of becoming a phoenix, and rising from the ashes to be born again.

ONE: An Art Piece Brings Inspiration to Occupy

Three years ago, Sandy Parsons started creating her epically large collage titled “ONE.” Inspired by ten years of obsession with the multitude of issues depicted in the piece, as well as authors such as Derrick Jensen of Endgame fame, the piece is a wonderfully bold assimilation of important issues. Since the pieces completion in 2009, Parsons says the piece has taken on a life of its own, becoming more and more relevant as world events, especially the Occupy Movement, begin to shape our planet. What does “ONE” mean?