Animals Getting Down to Business


You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals, yet we’ve let corporate greed and politics drive our species apart. Canadian artist Tony Taylor illustrates how he sees world economic forums and other well-publicized events that invite “world leaders and corporations to bump elbows, share anecdotes and discuss economic philosophy, disregarding any opportunity for public participation or representation.” By replacing the leaders’ heads with the animals that he thinks better represent their character, Taylor has created a series of paintings that are just as silly as the events they portray. Taylor’s paintings align with the opinion of a political scientist and activist named Howard Zinn who he quotes in his artist statement, “Art moves away from reality and invents something that may be ultimately more accurate about the world than what a photograph can depict.”

The Great Skills Mismatch of Today’s Economy

Millions of jobs have been lost and buried under the economic rubble of 2008, with only a ‘Hail Marys’ hope of resuscitation in the current economic climate. What isn’t as obvious is, at the heart of today’s 8.6 percent unemployment rate, sits the greatest skills mismatch our economy has ever seen. We have many Americans still training (or waiting) for jobs in industries which aren’t coming back. The grave of these industries will soon firmly reside in the ashes of the roaringly irresponsible financial times of 2008, with no hope of becoming a phoenix, and rising from the ashes to be born again.

Compared to the US: What Percentage Income Are You?

With all the talk about the 1% in recent months, it’s been pretty common to wonder where we all measure up compared to that famous percentage of wealth. To help answer the question, the New York Times has put out two graphics analyzing what the wealth distribution of the nation really looks like. The first is a detailed interactive graphic allowing you to directly compare your household income to the national average, state averages and even your local county. By inputting your household income, the graphic generates your percentage compared to the area you select. The second graphic, a colorful grid, examines which professions hold the highest percentage and number of 1 percent-ers in that field in the nation.

Occupy Art: Protesters Captured on Newsprint

Using the very newspapers where stories of the Occupy movement are being printed, self-trained UK artist Guy Denning has been doing frequent drawings of members of the 99%. Capturing the spirit of the movement, from sadness to strength and rage, his pieces on newsprint and boxes capture the uniquely global protest which continues to garner attention and raise questions about the roll of corporations in world politics. See more of this excellent artists work (including a host of non-Occupy related pieces) at Flickr or on his Facebook page