Photographs of People with Their Attachments

In our everyday lives, there are items that we buy and keep. Over time, these objects can accumulate and limit us from leaving a place because we have so much “stuff.” Cerise Doucède wanted to create a series of photos to show the relationship between people and their material attachments in their daily lives. The project is titled Les Attaches.

Hoarder Takes Photos of All Her Stuff in Separate Colors


Brooklyn-based photographer Sara Cwynar decided to have some fun and create a colorful series of photographs showing all her stuff… and she has a lot! A self-proclaimed hoarder, Cwynar has collected an eclectic selection of items throughout her lifetime. As she tells Featureshoot, “I save things everywhere I go and then when I am making work I have this huge repository of saved images and objects to pull from. My studio is just packed with stuff. It comes from everywhere, the garbage, scraps of images from other projects, flea markets, by the pound stores, my parents’ basement.”

Rooms of Objects Explode Around Their Owners


What if all the inanimate objects that surround you one day took flight? France based photographer Cerise Doucede had that idea and has now brought it to life with style. Her series, titled Égarements and Quotidien, sees her subjects looking like they are a bit lost and disconnected from their physical environments. The trick behind these images isn’t Photoshop, she individually suspends objects on string and captures the image as it appears in real life.

Still Life with Fruit (Brands included)


It’s harmless to put a logo on an object right? Maybe so, and yet it can fully change the way it is perceived. A fruit is something nice, tasty, and full of juicy goodness; yet with the simple addition of a corporate logo (such as Calvin Klein, Gucci or Louis Vuitton) it’s interesting how one will often interpret the object differently.

Beautiful Toilet Paper? Re-Imagining Everyday Objects

Yes, you are looking at beautiful sculptures made from toilet paper. Sakir Gökcebag, a Turkish artist based in Germany, often creates his work out of commonplace objects and in this case he has taken the everyday roll of toilet paper and created delicate designs by draping the ribbons of the (hopefully) soft quilted paper.

Visual Bits #258> Designing The Strangest Objects

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Bent Objects: Wire Makes Everyday Items Come to Life

In 2006 Terry Border started his Bent Objects blog as a way to make some extra coffee money. His thought was to grab some everyday objects, stick wire into them at strategic places to construct phenomenal characters reenacting daily life situations. Border states his reasons for making these creations was rather simple in design structure: “Basically, wire is very cheap, and ordinary objects are very cheap. Combining those two things together in a way that amuses me is fun and isn’t stressful like some other creative endeavors which cost lots of money for materials.” DIY creativity is a favorite for many people looking to spruce up their living area or fix up the yard… but creating hilarious DIY characters is a whole different form of creative genius.

Disassembled To The Last Screw

Todd McLellan says he got his start finger painting in kindergarten and things haven’t changed much: he’s still doing things kids love to do. His newest work, Disassembly, finds him taking apart old typewriters, push mowers and cameras down to the smallest screw, then carefully arranging all the parts and photographing them. He also creates complex exploded views of the objects with each piece hanging suspended in space. Next time little Johnny takes apart the DVD player, you’ll now know what to do.