How Obama’s 3D Printed Bust was Created

There has been a presidential portrait for every US president, but never before has their exact likeness been recreated in 3D. As part of the White House’s first-ever Maker Faire, the President sat for a moment surrounded by 50 LED lights, 14 cameras and handheld 3D scanners which captured every one of his details – from textures to skin tones. The White House video below details the process, but begins with an explanation of an old-time (and far less fun) counterpart for presidential replication – the death mask.

Presidential Glitches: Portrait Collages Through Time

With Obama voted in as the U.S. President for the next 4 years, now is the time to reflect on our learning from the past. In doing so we can better navigate the future and make choices which will benefit us both today and tomorrow. What better way to find inspiration and learning than from the memories of Presidents from the past – in this case with art inspired by them. Paris based Olivier Ratsi has created a series of glitchy, collage like portraits of past U.S. leaders which he calls Once Upon a Time the Presidents.

6 Funny Artistic Creations, Starring Obama and Romney

With the first 2012 Presidential Debate over, we thought it would be funny to see what sort of existing artwork of the two candidates has been posted. What we found is that some Americans have a funny sense of humor and some are just flat out weird. Got some more hilarious artwork of the two candidates?

Obama: His Likeness Made from a One Dollar Bill

Last time we checked, George Washington was the face of the one dollar bill… but in this case, we have the face of Barack Obama made out the greenbacks various flourishes, typographical elements and mint stamps. Created by Design Cartel, the likeness is rather impressive.

All Fair in Love: Shifting Attitudes on Gay Marriage

A wave of change is hitting the nation. Last June, New York became the largest state to legalize same-sex marriage under the Marriage Equality Act, making a precedent setting move and bringing further attention to the much discussed and debated issue. Now, just this Wednesday, President Obama became the first leader of the country to endorse legalizing same-sex marriage, stating “At a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married” (ABC News interview, May 9, 2012). According to an ABC Political Analysis, some advisers “pointing to rapidly changing public views of gay rights, say Obama has more to gain than lose by the move.”

Tension: The National Debt Plan

With President Obama signing legislation to raise the debt ceiling just before a potential national default, few seem happy about the outcome, even the very people that voted for it. Here we bring you “Tension,” the latest drawing from Robbie Douglas. He says: “I wanted to do something regarding the debt situation that’s been taking the center stage of the news for the last week or so, the idea with the piece being that the fighting between the two parties has been essentially just a strain on the situation.”

The Terrorist Takedown (Infographic)

The news of the year – that American forces had not only found but killed Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in modern history – elicited a variety of responses from designers attempting to visually capture what, exactly, went down. This infographic is probably the most comprehensive yet, chronicling the entire process of how the our government coordinates its extraordinarily complex counterterrorism efforts. You might be surprised at how many different people – both in the public eye and behind the scenes – are involved.

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Public Figures Go Faceless: Minimalist Designs

It’s been said that we never forget a face… but what about a style? Dubai based graphic designer Ali Jabbar has taken famous political and celebrity figures and removed their faces… leaving just enough to clue us in to their true identity. It really goes to show how much impact many of these figures have had on us: we know them face or not.