Once Upon a Time: Intimate Bathtub Images from Javier Campuzano

Javier Campuzano

It’s intimate, it’s emotional, it’s helpless. These are some of the words to describe the photos that Javier Campuzano captures in his series focusing on nudes curled up in the bathtub. Campuzano raises himself above and shoots a birds eye view of the subject in the tub. Upon looking at the final work, one could be moved to identify with feelings of helplessness, hurt and sorrow.

The Body in Nature: Unusually Beautiful Photographs

Arno Ragael Minkkinen Nudes 21

Photographing the nude is just about as old as the camera itself… from cheesy pinups to surreal body landscapes, the form has been explored in just about every way imaginable. That’s why, when I ran across the work of Arno Rafael Minkkinen I was truly blown away. His work is filled with almost magical abstract forms created using just creatively positioned figures in the landscape and his well placed lens… nothing more. Each photograph is a revelation, something to decipher for its mysterious form and appreciate for its lyrical beauty.

Whimsical Sketches Inspire: Posters to Sneakers

Here are some bold designs by the prolific and varied Dutch artist going by the name, Parra. With works that often start off as simple drawings, made with cheap drawing utensils on regular pads of paper, Parra creates images and characters that are comical, bizzare and often erotic. In recent years he has teamed up with product designers to release his own clothing line, tables, skateboard decks and sculptures, all with his unique touch. See his work at www.rockwellclothing.com or see it all over the people and shops of Amsterdam.

Humanistic Flowers Bloom Brightly

A colorful array of beautiful flowers spring off the canvas of artist Cecelia Webber’s creative digital series. From a distance, the flowers look highly realistic, but as one steps closer the truth behind these images is revealed. Each element of the image is created using photographs of nude models in yoga like poses, then they are digitally multiplied and arranged to form a whole. According to her website, she creates the images as a celebration of the human body and nature.