New Photographs from Inside North Korea


With the escalation of tensions between the United States and North Korea, a highly intense geopolitical standoff has gripped the attention of the world and centered the focus of several photo journalists on North Korea. Isolated, reclusive, and highly militarized, the mystery and intrigue of North Korea rises due to the highly controlled, censored images that are typically released. Amidst the threats of a nuclear strike, the U.S. focuses their attention on the ruling party and leaders of the North Korean military.

Kim Jong-illin’ and Dropping the Bass!

Who knew the late Kim Jong-il was such a party animal?? Here he is dropping top dance tunes, drinking booze and generally being the life of the party with the likes of Daft Punk, David Guetta and Skrillex. With the way he and his devoted followers claim he’s invented, improved and generally done everything (he’s the genius who wrote 6 full operas in 2 years and invented the modern cinema) is it really any surprise he also mixes some epic vinyl grooves? Wait… he probably invented vinyl!

The Amazing, Decaying North Korea Fun Fair

Check out these amazingly depressing photos from the Mangyongdae fun fair in North Korea! Taken by Alex Hoban of Vice Magazine (who did a great, biting writeup), they show a theme park in dangerous dis-repair… can you imagine getting on that roller coaster rusting away?! After waiting an hour for an attendant to bang some bolts back into place, Alex did it and lived to tell the tail

Only A Free Press Can Hurt Them

We just ran across this somewhat prophetic ad campaign from Reporters Without Borders. Produced about a year ago, it features crinkled images of world leaders who use an iron grip on press freedom to lead their nations. The images expose the controlling and distorted messages these leaders exhort, while at the same time symbolically silencing their voice. Gaddafi, infamous dictator of the now tumultuous Libya is featured, as is North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Vintage Anti-American Posters from North Korea

“Do not forget the US imperialist wolves!”